Friday, September 21, 2007

Oh, those Ogres

When I picked up my glasses the other day, I wanted to do a good deed and leave my old pair for the Lion's Club. I obviously look like someone who is irresponsible, and the people there said "why don't you keep these as a spare."

I was like "I'm picking up 2 brand new pair of glasses, that's like a built in spare pair."

Then the lady of little faith in me replied "well, kept them in case you do something crazy, like chop wood or something!"

I got all excited and said "Sweet! A pair just for Zombie hunting!"

She doesn't know me, and this was really weird and random to her, and I think I freaked her out. Anyway, now the Ogre is going to the same place to get his eyes tested!!! Oh, I'm not going tell him.

Kat, your bag is almost done. It would be done, done, but I was busy taking Pig 2 & 3 to the shoe store buying them uncool, no personal style white tennis shoes as a punishment yesterday. Why? They snuck over into the tidy lawned (think no pumpkins) neighbor's sprinkler system and got their new school shoes unwearably wet.

Because they are HALF FREAKING OGRE their feet don't fit into human sized shoes and we have to have their shoes special made by elves. The elf shoe store is all the way across town and so, that really cuts into my turd polishing, I mean ribbon sewing time. But I love you, and your bag will be back soon. Also, there will be a special present in the pocket. Unless, I managed to sew the pocket shut.


Anonymous said...

pocket?! wow!! :)
love you!

Holly Bee said...

Oh, it's awful. But there is ribbon near it...shiney.