Thursday, September 20, 2007

Oh, I Won't Even Get an Elevator

Yes, the Ogre thinks he's getting an express elevator ride to hell. Not me, I'm going to be doing shots with the old man himself at Lutes Casino then go riding off to the underworld in a three headed dog drawn carriage as Princess of the Dead. I'll keep the Ogre for a henchman.

"Hey Hades, after this next round of drinks, let's order some burgers."

"I thought you only ate grains."

"Eh, sometimes you need a burger."

"Persephone, I've only got like enough cash for, well, nothing. But I've got about 6 pomegranate seeds in my pocket. You want them?"

Here goes, Knitting Daily is BOOOOORING. Like boring, boring. Brings tears to my eyes boring.

This is a summary of what it said today "Oh, dear, I'm mentioning crochet, blah, crochet isn't evil, you too should do it. Oh, I was on the cover of Interweave Crochet I am awesome."

Whatever. I feel so tricked that I was promised this super rad thing, and it's just someone's boring blog being emailed to 100 million readers. Yes, I could unsubscribe, but I might by chance actually miss out on that one ultra sweet thing. Like what if she had how to knit (or crochet) a zombie killing shovel warmer. Arrrgh. Boring. I'm going over to
The AntiCraft for some fun.


Carina said...

I entirely agree. 100%. I was toying with getting off their list, actually, but wanted their preview e-mails. Le sigh. It's just so dang boring.

Marguerite said...

I'm an old grandma, about as boring as they come, and Knitting Daily is more boring than I am.

Most of the time I look at the subject and delete it. On days I'm feeling more leisurely I read it and wonder why I did. Time could be better spent napping.

Holly Bee said...

Hey! Let's fight back with harshly worded letters!!! Because it really is laaame. Ok, that could almost be seen as a sheep joke in there, or a zombie sheep joke, but still.

Has anyone seen the Zombie Sheep movie yet? Black Sheep, no, not that one, the Zombie Sheep one...yeah, I must own it, Dad, will you order that for me?

I have to go complain to Interweave. I'll let you know how it goes.

Holly Bee said...

Okey Doke. Sent harshly worded letter, and now have to end subscription.

After that I am going to design my own darn Shovel Cozy.