Monday, September 10, 2007

Oh, I Watched Football, and didn't Knit?

As it was a big day for football, and living in Michigan football season equals sweater season. Except yesterday was still rather warm so I tried to leave the house for breakfast wearing a tshirt, denim skirt and stripey wool knee high socks in place of the sweater.

I got sent back 10 yards, and was told I would get no breakfast unless I ditched the socks. Due to unsportsman like behavior, I was almost ejected from the game. Something about impressionable youth, and it's football day and we have to hurry up and get pancakes before everyone else gets there so just take off the socks and stop mumbling.

So, Direct TV, NFL ticket, tricking the Ogre into sewing my potato sack dresses? It didn't work. The Ogre made me learn how to sew. There I was, sitting in his spot in front of the TV watching football, using his sewing machine asking, "what does dot mean?" "what is grosgrain ribbon" "do I really have enough bust for darts" "this said EASY ON THE PACKAGE!!!"

But hey, my Patriots won, the Ogre's Jets lost and I can wear my sweet Lion's cardigan with pride, at least this week.

The sewing cut seriously into my knitting time. What a sad joke, but true. You see, my pathetic Frankenstein sewing skills are being put to the test in an attempt to retro fit Kat's Noro bag. In theory the bag was to be done by today, it's not, and now it has to wait until Thursday to be worked on again. Poor Kat, she's carrying around one of my reusable bags canvas shopping bags for a purse. If you see her, she's not a bag lady, just a recipient of a poorly constructed gift.

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Anonymous said...

awwww lol! It's actually quite handy to carry around a mammoth sized bag/purse. I even used it as a beach bag one day. :)
love you lots, and thanks again for letting the monster out yesterday!