Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Beef Jerky and the Dentist-Does that Make me Jerky?

The Ogre was asking me what I did yesterday. I said "do you really want to know?" and then I added "full details, or box score?"

He just wanted the box score. Which made me sound crazier than normal:

Question edible front landscaping...

Admire beauty of pumpkin landscaping...

Wait for Bus
Feed Neighbor Kid
Afternoon Shovel Work Out

Look Sassy during Shovel Work Out
Man, that's a sweet outfit.

Ignore dishes
Eat beef jerky
Think of knitting
Do dishes
Diet Coke break
Read about knitting
Gather knitting supplies
Eat Candy
Go to Dentist

The Ogre then left the room and yelled "why would you spend so much time thinking about knitting and then eating beef jerky and candy before going to the dentist?"

Apparently, it was too mind boggling for him to be in the same room with me at this point. But I was nervous about the whole dentist thing, and what do you do when you're nervous?

Me, I eat half a cow, a case of Diet Coke and dress up like I'm opening an Opium Den, all while thinking "wow, I need a new driver's license photo, I should really knit that Retro Cardigan so I have something hand knit to wear, ooh that would match my glasses too!"


Jen said...

I love your edible landscaping. I confine edible stuff to the backyard (so far) but I've always been inspired by this magazine article I saw about turning ones front lawn into a garden.

Holly Bee said...

Our backyard edible landscaping was being eaten by the dog. That dog loves veggies.

I told all the neighbors that the pumpkins were Pig 1's spring science project...lie,lie,lie. We did it to hide the tomatos and broccoli!

Kristina B said...

Sounds like my average day at the office, Holly...

and, at least you were drinking DIET coke before the dentist visit ;-)

Matt Church said...

Sweet. You're rocking the tennis ball on the windshield. That's totally rad. Never any question about how far to pull up.

Holly Bee said...

Hey, that tennis ball is saving not only my bike, but my car, and my bathroom from destruction! I am not so good with the parking.

Yes, I am in charge of three little pigs, a motor vehicle and saving the world, and I need a tennis ball to park my car. At least I know my limitations.