Thursday, September 06, 2007

No One Else has Homework

I have filled out like 9 hundred forms in the last 3 days. I only have 3 pigs. It's not like I'm organizing a football team!

Speaking of Football, the Ogre House is all aflutter with Football. My wake up call was "Today is Football Day Time to Wake up!"

Me: go pats

Ogre: No, it's the Colts

Me: No, it's the Patriots vs the Jets, J-E-T-S, JET, JETS, JETS!!!!

Ogre: No, that's Sunday's game.

Me: (Edited for Content)It's not the weekend? It's still this week? I was up until 11 doing homework. School sucks.

The Ogre was gone by the time the edited for content part started.

As for knitting, it's been pretty awesome. Pig 3 is all worn out from the excitment of waiting for his school to start (today) and I'm getting some serious work done on my Noro (Poems yarn) Bag while waiting for Pigs 1 &2 to get home. They have like a 3 hour bus ride, ok, in kid time it's 3 hours. Hey, it's also 3 hours in alternate universe knitting time. Ah yeah, the alternate universe where my hair is short, sassy, free of stupid collicks and jet black. I also rock awesome glasses and kicky boots in the alternate universe. Very, shiny Zombie kicking, kicky boots. Awww, yeah.


Anonymous said...

it sounds like goth Holly....goth Holly knitting. love it!
love love!

Marigold said...

You should be in Indianapolis tonight. Everybody was running around in blue and white Colts' jerseys, even if they weren't going to the game. Me, I'm going to stay at home, knit, and ignore all signs of a world that has football in it.

Holly Bee said...

Oh Marigold!! I didn't think about that! That must be a mess. You are right, stay were it is safe and knit!

Holly Bee said...

Yes, I want to be Goth Holly! Oh, I would have to change my name too wouldn't I!!!