Thursday, September 06, 2007

My Hobby, or Why I Need a Job

So Pig 3 had his first day at school. He rocked it out, found himself a wife, a babysitter, and learned to make coffee. All true.

I got another haircut, (can that be considered another one of my hobbies?) scheduled an eye appointment, and dropped dime on another knitting book. But I needed it for the Good of the Order (of the Phoenix.) You know when I knit for the Order it's for charity, right? Which book? Oh, I am the last knitter on planet Earth and maybe the Solar System to not have purchased the Mason Dixon one. Blah, blah, fancy dish cloths.

PS at Jo Ann fabrics they have 1 million yards/metres of cotton for $7.99. Good deal.

Anyway, then I was checking out my new knit nerd friends (mixing computers and knitting, how much more nerdy can you get, oh, throw in a chemistry Ogre joke please) on Ravelry and I found these great ways to spend even more money....

The Plucky Knitter's Etsy shop

Spinsanity's Spindles Etsy shop Not that I spin, but look how cool those are

London Style in Portage for an awesome haircut, and if you happen to need hair extensions, George can hook you up. He told me all about it. Also if you are a single female, he is currently also single. He works out.

Check out Bombshell Studios while you are over at Etsy too! The woman can sew! I have serious envy. Was that a sin, did my elevator trip get quicker? See why I need money, or at least more skill? Time I now have, skill, ugh. Practice, boring.


Melissa said...

OkAY, So I'm late seeing my little link here. (thank you!) But do you know what that means? When I miss 5 of your posts I actually DO go down and read them all to catch up! :) (That doesn't happen on too many other blogs!)
Looks like you've been looking around Etsy! I love the yarn there... some gorgeous stuff!

Holly Bee said...

Hey Melissa! I try to get people to go to your etsy site! Your stuff is awesome! I try to sew and it's always a mess :(