Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Moving Weekend, Zombies, and the Norm

Ah, the Welcome Home sign.

I plan on taking Marshall and Jackie on a whirlwind tour of Kalmazoo's diners in search of the perfect pancake. Ok, I really plan on taking them to Uncle Ernies a lot.

The Ogre said I could do what I wanted as long as I was carrying a box...so I carried boxes and took photos.

Here's poor Grandpa. Whatever, he's frisky. While Jackie is on business trips and the Pigs are in school, me Grandpa and Marshall are going to hit the town! It's going to be all pancakes, knitting and Zombie hunting! I hear Grandpa is wicked with a shovel. He was in the Navy. The Ogre learned everything he knows about the Epic Battle and Zombie Lore from Marshall so I'm sure he can has great skills.

Even the Pigs pitched in. Harrison was upset by the reused "Fragile" boxes. Especially when Marshall threw one labelled as such.

Oh, this was the point when the Ogre said "enough with the camera."

Busted not carrying a box. But we were making sure the basement was a Zombie Free Zone. It was after we used our skills and many Diet Coke fuelled kicks and spins to eliminate the zombies that we had found.

So, what happened to the Ogre? He fell down the steps, carrying a barrel. Like a large barrel, a barrel you could go over the Niagara Falls in. Crazy. Marshall, why do you have that barrel? Are you planning on going over the Niagara Falls?

Me, how am I? My body is broken! Actually my back, but not from moving, from showing off.
I had to show Kat and Jill that I could do a back bend from standing up. Oh, no that wasn't enough, I then had to show that I could do a front walk over. Do you remember those? Handstand thing to a back bend to standing up? Yes, I am an ass. But I got a round of applause. I may never walk again.

Who is this? Marissa. Young, thin cheerleader type cousin. She actually got kicked out of the "I used to be able to do this one bendy, athletic thing" conversation" due to her current healthy lifestyle and flexibility. Sorry if I hurt your feelings Marissa, but go eat some ice cream, it will make you and me feel better.

That's her human sized dad Mark in the background. Feed that girl!

Ah, Mighty Jackie, tamer of the Penske Truck! At just over 5' tall Jackie alone drove this mammoth beast of a truck across the Arctic tundra known as Canada, all while fighting buffalo, moose, bear, the exchange rate, kilometers, the draw of Tim Horton's, and the desire to find The Great One.

Ok, ok. Kat and Marshall were there too. But Jackie was the driver, and her hands may be permanently molded into the shape of a Penske steering wheel.

Ah, see how happy she is to be getting rid of that truck? Notice how she isn't getting too close to me? The shirt says Pollution Stinks, but it was really me that stunk.


Hemp tank top...body and back done. I just have to finish the top part.

I started a Noro bag like the berger girl friend 3 utter bikini top but I'm using the Poems yarn Carina got me. See, all that work and still time to knit.

I also got the Mazda's oil changed on Friday with the pigs and saw this downtown Kzoo. It's a bagpiper!

A stop in at Olde Peninsula. You really shouldn't do a real Pub Crawl with the Pigs in tow, so I didn't hit Bell's.

Here's Pig 1 off for school!! There!

Full week, and it's only Tuesday!

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