Saturday, September 29, 2007

More Fun Than One Family Should Have

We went to Indiana for haircuts today. Yeah, yeah, save the ruddy planet. We did other stuff too:

I saw the Ogre for more than 10 minutes

Religious trucker dude tried to be the vehicle of God and guide us off the road and into salvation

I got 3 sets of 'to go ware' from Just Goods.

Wait! The trucker deserves more than a sentence. He was really trying to kindly kill us so we could meet the the "holly ghost." I wrote holly ghost, not holy ghost because that is what his truck said. He had all sorts of neat-o sayings on his truck. He was also trying to trick us into passing him on the right so he could slowly guide us into the ditch and let our little car crash into a fiery mass. Tricky why to make me a Holly Ghost!

So cross state hair cuts, Notre Dame College Fight song, Just Goods(if you are in South Bend, you really should stop in!!), Birky the Tonsillectomy Dog, and then the evil of Disney Store.

Then, yes, then, when we got home, there was a giant package stuffed into the mail box. Luckily it wasn't photos this was my winnings from Briar Rose Fibers!!

I almost cried, it was so cool. The Ogre was all, "is it my birthday present?" Yeah, when you have things special made by elves for Ogres as birthday presents you should make sure to plan ahead. Apparently elves are magic, but they have some sort of awesome union reps, crazy long vacations.

Again, selfish me, more yarn, no gift for the Ogre.

But wait, there's more! Then, we rounded up those wily pigs and went to Grange. I even got to ride the goat tonight! That's a joke, we have no goats. This is a social and community service type organization. But I did speak up during the meeting. Yep, I mentioned bringing your own bags to the grocery store, not littering, turning in projects for State Grange, and Fighting the Man. Uh, not in that order. I was also knitting between all the jibber jabber.

While there I was all, "Look Aunt Mart! I made 3 scarves, 1 hat and a pair of socks for the Bazaar." Later she read off what people had brought in and she mentioned my items, and then said "and Dorothy brought 17 hats, 22 scarves, 15 purses..." and that's when I dropped my knitting, and started yelling, "but my stuff was made with snot, there is a lot of snot in mine! It was knit with snot for you!"

Yeah, it's probably good that we are related to half the people in the room.

You thought I could get the camera out and not take stupid photos? Hahaha! You thought wrong.


Melissa said...

Oh how fun! Snot over quantity anyday! lol
My computer's fixed with is why I've been away for so long, but it's nice to see you've got some fabric! The Elmo bright stuff is really cute. You start sewing, I start knitting! (Just a black mohair with a metallic thread shawl or scarf, stockinette on size 15 needles, very boring).

Holly Bee said...

Glad to here you are knitting!!!

I am super excited about my attempts at sewing. I should get your address and send you all me accident projects. You could at least used the fabric for something else.

Carina said...

Freakin'. Gorgeous. Yarn. Wow!!!

Oh, and I think you're an amazing knitter for getting that much done. Is the other lady retired and without little ones to wrangle?

Kristina B said...

Fabulous yarn... and don't listen to those who vicariously one-up you. Hmm... let's much have *I* knitted for charity?? [scratching head]... er, nothing.
Just tell them all that Hollybee's Snotware will be the new trend and probably will be outselling Chanel this time next year ;-)

Holly Bee said...

I meant glad to hear you are knitting. I hadn't had my pancakes yet!!

No, the super fast knitter has no little ones. She has probably been retired for the last 30 years.

Snotware!! I love it! It will be all orange-green and SASSY!

Melissa said...

lol Holly. I should get your address and send you that olive green purse I have. At least someone would use it :) I always have to use 1 or 2 large bags because I'm addicted to carrying large piles of stuff with me everywhere. Let me know if you want it :) except with a "pleated" lining and a different handle.

Holly Bee said...

Oh Melissa! If you wanted to unload it onto a good cause we would surely take it!!!

I can only knit so quickly while covered in snot!!

Melissa said...

Hmm. Knitting for a cause? Is this a charity type thing? How exactly does it work??? I spend tons of money at the local Salvation Army where "my purchases help them help others", but that's as far as I've gone charity-wise. :)