Friday, September 07, 2007

Mason Dixon...Snot?

I really wanted that Mason Dixon knitting book yesterday. Of course there was adventure getting the darn thing. It was out at Jo Ann Fabric's (yes they have knit books.) I thought, well the boycotts over, I'll just stop into Stitching Memories, I have 30 minutes before I need to pick up Pig 3, it's just around the corner, plenty of time.

I entered Stitching Memories and Red Lipstick Chick was there (her hair was short and it looked really cute-look, I'm nice) she did not say hello, but another lady did. I told them their open sign was off. They said it was on. I said, "no, I just walked in, and it is most definately not on." I then made the international hand signal for switchy on-off, which I also noted, looks a lot like the internation hand signal for self love.

I asked for the book, they said they were out, but they could order it. Then the nice lady walked away. I thought that was an odd response to "we can order that book for you." So I followed her and asked her how long it would take to come in. She said 3 weeks. I was like "ok, I'll just go to Barnes and Noble, but I'd like to purchase this magazine."

So the end of the boycott was rather weird, and book fruitless and time consuming.

I really didn't have enough time, but I needed that book, and it would be such a quick trip without the Pigs. I got to Barnes and Noble, wanted to chat up a fellow knitter in the Knitting Section but was concerned about time, did some super quick Holiday shopping, checked out, and was only 5 minutes late to pick up my baby Pig on his first day of school.

Was Pig 3 sad? Did he miss me? Was he in tears? NO! I had to peel him off the toys, and joy of being free of his brothers. I had to bribe him out of school with his first day of school Dino cookie.

So, the book, when I finally cracked it open at 10:30 pm, when my homework was done, was awesome!!! Those Mason Dixon ladies are soo nice. It's so friendly, it's like they love me and totally want another Yankee to join the crowd.

Yeah, totally the next book will be all Mason Dixon Snot, and teach you how to sharpen a shovel, fortify your house against zombies, and use your cute ball band wash cloth to wipe down your shovel after the zombie invasion. Oh, it will be a bestseller!


Holly Bee said...

Come on! Mason Dixon Snot! That is funny stuff, that cracks me up! Ok, I am taking a break from cleaning, I think I made toxic fumes, cleaning fumes, again.

Carina said...

It's the dang cleaning fumes. ;-)

I had to run this morning and couldn't comment earlier, but I think that shop's just plain odd. Maybe they should rearrange it for fung shui?

Kristina B said...

It cracks me up too... (oh - and those cleaning fumes? They work real well if you smoke 2 or 3 cigs while cleaning...! headrush!)

And now, with the MDK book in hand, you can make enough dishcloths to wipe up a whole hell of a lot of snot, really... ;-)

(kidding. I will never, ever, knit a dishcloth. Having said that, I had always said I would never, ever, knit a pair of socks. I did. Once. Which led to a couple of ridiculous conversations such as this one with DH - note that DH's viewpoint mirrors mine on knitted dishcloths, although I'm too polite to actually tell anyone this.

Thanks for the chuckle. Off to find some javex...