Monday, September 17, 2007

Making Strides

As you know, I do a lot, and I do mean a lot of weird, and sometimes foolish things. Sometimes I feel dumb and sometimes I don't. I like to make up for doing stupid things by doing nice things. You know by doing things like...

Donating Blood with the American Red Cross

Giving my extra stash yarn to my local elementary art teacher, or kids knitting groups (ok, it's mostly stuff that I got free, or cheap or while under the influence of some evil, but still they like it)

Donating food, cash or goods to Generous Hands

Donating food, goods and school supplies to my local Food Bank

Charity Knitting-just google charity knitting and give to charity of your choice or pick up Knitting for Peace, because really, wasn't John Lennon really the on the right path, or was that Buddha?

But now, I need your help...can you see what I'm doing now?

Yes, I'm wearing knee socks. Let me tell you I got plenty of harsh stares from the Creekers while dropping off the cable box. No! I'm Making Strides Against Breast Cancer!!! Do you get it now? Making Strides? Against Cancer?

So, if you'd like to click on over to my handy little Making Strides website you too can make a safe and secure online donation. Clever, eh?

We will be
Making Strides Against Breast Cancer
October 13th 2007 at the Arcadia Festival Site
registration starts at 7am, walking starts at 8:30

Our team was foolish enough to let me pick the name. I wanted it to be Zombie Prom Date, but we decided on Save...My Humps, My Humps, My Humps. Please, feel free to donate to Holly. I bet the team a hand knit hat that I could get more donations than them. Yeah, my mouth getting me into trouble, go figure.


Jen said...

You are so awesome - not only do you inspire me to knit and keep me laughing, but you're such a positive influence on so many areas in the community!
On another note - check out this website (if you haven't already) I love her pictures and most of her recipes are vegetarian and super delish.
One more note - are you in a knitting group or anything? I would love to hear your hilarious stories over yarn and coffee.

Holly Bee said...

Hey Jen,
Thank you so much. I really don't normally brag about my good deeds, but I am really proud, and they are all really easy things that make a huge difference!

I haven't checked out that website, but I am sure the fam will be happy to try new ruined or poisoned recipes!!

As for a knitting group, I am not in one! Do you want to start our own? Can we can it Zombie Prom Date? No, I'm kidding. I'm going as a Zombie Prom Date for Halloween, and it makes me giggle everytime I think of it.

But really, if you want to get together and knit, let's think of a time. As always, I will be known by my Detroit Tigers T shirt and my trail of dead zombies.

Kristina B said...

So should you be proud, Holly (if only for your witty keywording of these blog posts. Does anyone ever google "doing good acts to counteract foolishness"? ;-)

I have sent around one of those annoying chain letter Emails to everyone I know linking your donation page with the dire warning "Ignore this and your computer will crash and so will the one you buy to replace it and the one after that"... kidding. But I will be sending in a small donation once I get hold of DHs credit card (difficult since he has started to hide it...kidding again) - I don't have one (for my past sins).

Good for you!

And Jen, thanks for the veg friendly cookbook link. I will use it to curry favour among all my veg coworkers and friends. ;-)

Holly Bee said...

Ok, now I'm the one giggling! I did in fact google "good deeds to counteract being foolish" and you get knit with snot and then a page about Mystical Beings that says this...

"they will fight the undead."


Thanks for the good deed evil chain mail! It fits in! This is so turning into the tv show
My Name is Earl. Oh, snappity, snap, snap.

Anonymous said...

I'm never going to get Fergie out of my head.
I think the name of your group is brilliant.
Thanks for the co-worrying today!

Holly Bee said...

Kat! Thank you sweetie! I am always here for co-worrying :)

Jen said...

I would love to start out own knitting group! It would motivate me to knit and get me out of the house - whoohoo! I'm very flexible (such is the life of the "domestic artist") - let's set something up!

lora said...

On your recommendation I watched Hot Fuzz. I especially enjoyed it with the Fuzz Facts turned on. So I go to the video to rent Shawn of the Dead, but it's out. Instead I come home with Dawn of the Dead (the newer one). Expecting campy... got fear. When I recover I'll try again.

Holly Bee said...

Oh my gosh! Lora, I am sooo sorry you got Dawn of the Dead!!! That is like renting 28 Days Later and waiting for Sandra Bullock to show up!

Go to the nearest Bakery and eat really bad food. Buy yarn, drink heavily. Hey, talk like a Pirate! It's talk like a Pirate Day! I hope that helps!

Again, soo sorry for that!