Sunday, September 09, 2007

Knit Yourself Some Team Spirit-Sucker

Ok, so it's officially Football Season and you want to quickly get your team spirit on, but what to do?

Knit a hat. It's quick, it's easy Go Team!

NFL Team Hat

That's about 20 stitches/4" on size 8 needles, but I would go for a size 7, because I swear I never have a size 8 around.

Go Patriots! Get those Jets!
809 Red Cascade 220 Superwash (Get 2 skeins-Your brother will want a hat too)
813 Blue Cascade 220 Superwash (Get 2 skeins-see above)

Knit a cap that fits your head. I helped you with Team Colors, what more do you want?

Oh, your team's colors...I'm still working on matching Cascade 220 yarn to each Team but hey, it's only been a day, and there were like 20 zombies to fight just to get this information...

Here is The List the Ogre condensed from the very awesome website
The Society for Sports Uniform Research

The complete LIST matched up to Cascade 220 yarn is now available...

Arizona Cardinals – Cardinal Red, Black, White
Atlanta Falcons – Red, Black, White, Silver
Baltimore Ravens – Black, Purple, Metallic Gold, White
Buffalo Bills – Dark Navy, Red, Royal Blue, Nickel, White
Carolina Panthers – Black, Panther Blue, Silver, White
Chicago Bears – Dark Navy, Orange, White
Cincinnati Bengals – Orange, Black, White
Cleveland Browns – Brown, Orange, White
Dallas Cowboys – Navy, Metallic Silver Blue, White
Denver Broncos – Bronco Navy, Orange, White
Detroit Lions – Honolulu Blue, Silver, Black, White
Green Bay Packers – Dark Green, Gold, White
Houston Texans – Deep Steel Blue, Battle Red, Liberty White
Indianapolis Colts – Royal Blue, White
Jacksonville Jaguars – Teal, Black, Gold, White
Kansas City Chiefs – Red, Gold, White
Miami Dolphins – Aqua, Coral, Navy, White
Minnesota Vikings – Purple, Gold, White
New England Patriots – Nautical Blue, Red, New Century Silver, White
New Orleans Saints – Old Gold, Black, White
New York Giants – Dark Blue, Red, White, Gray
New York Jets – Hunter Green, White
Oakland Raiders – Silver, Black, White
Philadelphia Eagles – Midnight Green, Black, Charcoal, Silver, White
Pittsburgh Steelers – Black, Gold, White
St. Louis Rams – Millennium Blue, New Century Gold, White
San Diego Chargers – Navy, Gold, Powder Blue, White
San Francisco 49ers – Cardinal Red, Metallic Gold, Black, White
Seattle Seahawks – Seahawks Blue, Dark Navy, Bright Green, White
Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Buccaneer Red, Pewter, Black, Orange, White
Tennessee Titans – Navy, Titans Blue, White, Red, Silver
Washington Redskins – Burgundy, Gold, White

Yes, yes, I realize there was a book called something like "college knits" a few years back doing like the same thing, blah, blah. But really, when the Ogre gets excited about a knitting project, and actually encourages knitting, I have to go with it.

Besides, don't you think this would make excellent holiday gifts. If you are a relative, you could give a shout out about your favorite team, and then promptly forget you ever read this...


Anonymous said...

Alas, first, I must learn how to knit more than just a straight line. Then, I will need some black yarn, and learn how to learn some lace so I can knit a black veil to go with my black hat.

My beloved Wolverines may now just be the worst team in college history.

I love Fall for Wolverine football, and pumpkin spice lattes. At least I still have the pumpkin spice I guess :(


Carina said...

The Cleveland Browns orange is a red-orange and darker, so those lighter yellow-oranges won't do. The brown is a milk chocolate brown, too, and white is hardly ever more than a stripe or accent. Can you tell I've looked into this? Two Browns hats and one OSU hat already under the belt, but the Browns sweater got attacked by moths and is hiding in the freezer for now.

Holly Bee said...

Stacey! We will have to wear black together and ignore college football and set our sites on the NFL! I will have to join you in the pumpkin spice latte love!

Carina, if you find suitable Cleveland Browns yarn please make note of it here for THE LIST.

THE LIST, kind of like the secret, but way more footbally-knitting fun.

Melissa said...

I wish I watched football now. Just to have a team... *shrug* :p It would be fun to knit your own team gear. In the grocery stores I see the whole set ups with the football theme so I guess that's the only clue I have to when the season starts! I can't even throw a football.

Melissa said...

OH, and I'm looking forward to the pumpkin spice lattes too!

Carina said...

The best Browns orange I've found is Brown Sheep's Orange Crush in their sportweight and worsted weight wool. Others come close, but that one is right on. I hope they still make it.

I found a hand-dyed yarn last year that is still in the stash. I think it's Koigu Kersti. They had the right brown and orange, quite a feat.

Oh, and Smart DK has the right brown. Very nice.

Holly Bee said...

A close match for Detroit Lions' Honolulu Blue would be the Colonial Blue from the Vanna White collection! Linen in the same line is close enough to "silver." Sometimes you have to make due with what you've got available.

This yarn is by Lion brand and is being pimped out at your local Michael's store. Also by me! Oh, WMU colors and Chicago Bears done by Vanna White. I wonder if she knows this?

ajdury said...

Thanks for the Dolphins color scheme!!Now I'ma make me a hat to wear during any game I watch. The Hub? I would cut my hands off before I'd knit a Raiders cap!! He better take up knitting if he wants one of those things, lol.

I don't remember how I blog-hopped to you the other day, but honey? You're frigg'n HILARIOUS!

Pigs, snots, Ogres. Hysterical.

I want to read your blog from way back to current now, but last time I did that? Crazy Aunt Purl's cat died right when I caught up to her *recent* and I worry that I may be a curse to you damn funny bloggers out there.

In the meantime - GO DOLPHINS! (I know - that has no bite whatsoever. They're the DOLPHINS for pete's sake! Alas, 1972 has been long past.)

Holly Bee said...

We give props to those 72 Dolphins every year when they open their champagne!

Besides, Dolphins are smart and sneaky! They could take over the world!