Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I'm Trying to Fit In, Just for Today...

So Pig 3 has an appointment with an Ear Nose Throat Dr today. Do you need to ask why? The blog is called Knit with Snot for You. I have been Banned by several Grandparents, and a few readers to post the original pig with snot photo, because it's so gross, and boogery.

But what I'm getting at is this, besides the normal snot of just being a regular Pig, my little Pig 3 may have extraordinary powers! Ok, he may have the ability to pick up illness and develop Strep Throat more easily than the average child. I will count Pigs 1 and 2 as average children for this experiment.

This left me with quite the dilemma. Finding what I would like to call my most responsible outfit. Like Cher going to take her drivers license test, I too am worried about looking right for this important appointment.

Fun funky Mom may not look like she cares enough, while too dressy Mom with kid in hand me downs also may not look like she cares enough. Blah, blah, blah. You see, this really is a problem when I looked in the closet because....

Nothing I own MATCHES OR FITS!!!

Yes, the purple pants look smashing with both the hot pink shrug and the Epcot 82 t. But, not the look I'm going for. The orange skirt also looks good with the shrug and the Epcot t, but still a bit on the bright side. Plus, Owen then has to wear his matching orange shorts and purple t and then it's a whole thing, and we look extra crazy.

Then, at the depths of the closet, I found what I was looking for...

Blue shirt, and khaki pants!

I can pass for normal! Except under close inspection one might note my khaki's are men's, missing a button, and 2 sizes too big. The Ogre also quickly pointed out that my stripey socks ruined the whole fitting in, but at least they weren't knee highs.

Plus, if things get too boring, I can always pull my out new
Zombie Fighting Glasses...


Then calmly add, "Don't worry, I have knitting needles, and a snot nosed Ogre-Pig child, two things zombies fear above all others."

Awesome news on Kat's Noro bag!! Ribbon hides turds! Yes, I am sewing ribbon over the turd like edges of the bag lining and it's now a gem of a bag again!! So now I am thinking of just throwing a bunch of ribbon in the back yard to see if it will work on the dogs turds too. Yeah, that'll not look crazy.


Carina said...

I hope the appointment goes well today. This kind of thing is always scary to me. Love the new glasses, though. They look gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

lol I LOVE the snot photo!!! It's on my myspace slideshow - don't worry my page is set to private, only my friends can see the disgustingness that is snot. :)
Also, I love the pics of you - I have totally seen Pig 1 make those same faces lol
and hooray for ribbon!
love you!

Holly Bee said...


I wish I could wear both new pairs at once! Then I would really fail at the fitting in!

The black pair are already broken! I had to order new lenses when I was picking them up. My big head is so wonky, they cracked them adjusting the frames.

Yes, ribbon saved the bag!!!!

Jen said...

I love the new glasses too! Very ubercool. How about a knitty meet and greet somewhere next week?

Holly Bee said...

Yes, next week looks less insanity filled.

I am free Tuesday and Thurday from 1-315 Send me an email at we'll get it set up :)

Kristina B said...

the specs rock!!! I wanted to get this colour the last time myself, but chickened out at the last minute. So - stuck with my usual dark brown instead. One wire, one chunky... BO-RING. But you've inspired me to bore everyone else (all 11 of my faithful readers, that is) on my blog ;-)

Holly Bee said...

I was nervous about the red too! But they are actually lined by brown on the inside and don't look that red (at least that's what PK said) all the time.

I thought they would be my "I'm feeling wild" pair. But I've been wearing them all the time. Once their one, I can't tell they are wild, they look brown from my side :)