Wednesday, September 05, 2007

I'm just getting the evil out on something that can't defend themselves...

Ok, Vogue Knitting, I can tell you are having problems. I couldn't get your magazine at my local Barnes and Noble, but I could at my local grocery store, and then I couldn't even complain about it because your website is all blah blah "technical difficulties."

I think that if I was putting out my big 25th anniversary issue I would get my crap together a little better and be able to pull off I don't know, a website.

I know, I'm just some hodunk know nothing blogger in ass backwards Michigan stay at home Mom with no idea how the real world of glossy Magazine Publishing Works.

Well, it certainly is working pretty poorly for Vogue Knitting! As someone recently said to the Ogre, I think "you just bought an express elevator ticket to hell with that one."

So, yes, not making any friends, will never get published by Vogue, but what is going on! Throw money at that problem...oh, is that the problem? Will the next issue of Vogue Knitting by all DIY like the awesome Craft magazine?

What?! You haven't heard of Craft:transforming traditional crafts Magazine? Don't you live at Barnes and Noble and your local book store/fabric/home improvement stores?

Aren't you tricked by a small format magazine with a person tied up with a yellow "police line do not cross" scarf and 'build a bitchin bird house' on the cover? I sure was! Gee, check it out. You'll soon be building bird houses and boycotting pants too, because life's too short for pants!

Ok, just buy a copy or check out the website and see what I mean.


Carina said...

Yeah, why is their website down when you'd think they'd want everything perfect right now. Hmm.

Oh, and I loved that magazine when you showed it to me. I'm thinking of getting a copy today.

dee's brother said... appear to be a bit miffed. I can feel your stress level going up.....have you not been sipping enough "cough" syrup?

Holly Bee said...

Ah, Dee's Brother, you're just sad because I haven't flipped out on anyone lately, or talked about rum drinks :(

I can't drink anymore due to my migraine meds, makes me' I did swear at someone on the way to Olde Peninsula when they tried to hit us with their car. Does that at least make you feel better?

Also, are you missing the football game?

dee's brother said...

Since I have been unable to drink due to my stupid liver...I was hoping you would be able to drink for both of us. However, it is still nice to know you are still able to yell at dirt monkeys!

Yes.....I am bummed...I am not able to make the trip up for the football game. We made two trips up this summer for a graduation and then my wife's 20 year class reunion. So, you will have to make sure us "hellyons" are well represented!

Melissa said...

Such a cute article!!!
Actually A-Line skirts look terrible on me. :p Short, Wide, No legs. I love my jeans. :D