Saturday, September 01, 2007


Ok, a big Yo, Yo, MTV Raps to Bear! That's for the 411 on Harold and Kumar 2.

I just got back from You Tube to watch the preview and I laughed so hard I think I coughed up a vital organ. A lung is considered a vital organ, or is that like a kidney and I can get by with just one?

So here's a short list of silly things that make me snort soda from my nose just thinking of them:

1. Animal House

2. Point Break (Come on, that is a comedy classic)

3. Harold and Kumar go to White Castle

4. Shaun of the Dead

5. Stripes

6. One Crazy Summer

7. Mars Attacks-strikes me as really funny

8. Bill and Ted

9. I know it's a TV show, but Get Smart is going to be a movie, and it looks so stupid, and I loved the teley show. So, there.

Also, as far as TV goes, I would watch a week long marathon of The Young Ones. Not weird western, but with Neil, and the BBC, and well Dr Martin, Dr Martin, Dr Martin's Boots.


Bear said...

We just watched Solarbabies and guess who the snearing bad guy is...Alexei Sayle!!

Also starring Jason Patric, Lukas Haas, Jami Gertz and the mean brother who can fly from Heroes, Adrian Pasdar as a "Solar Warrior." Check it out:

You forgot Strange Brew in your craptastic movie list. I have a thing for schlocky, made for middle aged women tear jerkers.

Terms of Endearment
Steel Magnolias
Fried Green Tomatoes

Holly Bee said...

I knew about Steel Magnolias, but Terms of Endearment? Ah, Bear, you are weak.