Sunday, September 02, 2007

Hey, There's Gonna Be Taco Bar...

Ok, so the big news for this weekend isn't that the Pigs and I are going camping, or that we are going to be sending anyone off to that freaky Kid Nation. We are also not cleaning our house, doing lawn work, watching AFI's top 100 Films or Hitchcock's Filmology and working on Charity Projects (we save that for blizzards).

So what the heck does Team B plus the Ogre (!) do on Labor (Labour) Day weekend?

Key thrilling music....

We're helping Marshall and Jackie move into their new house.

Oh, you need back ground info? They are the Ogre and Kat's Parents.

The Ogre and Kat at the Fair
Marshall using his Ogre height to taunt the children.

One is an Ogre (Marshall)and the other is a human (Jackie.) But Jackie is in the Evil Short Woman Club. At 5'4", I may actually be too tall to be a member of this club. Anyway, they have a house here in the Kalamazoo area, but they are moving from Upstate New York.

So, we have been taking care of the house for the last couple months. I have also been taking things from our basement over to their clean tidy house to sort out. You know, the record collection, my yarn stash, the Ogre's fabric stash (yes, he sews, and fights Zombies, cut him some slack, what do you do for Charity?)

But today, is the day. They haven't seen their new house in months. I hope they still like it. Heck, I hope they remember where it is. I hope they don't yell at what I've done to the place...

No, I just planted flowers, really bright Team B color flowers, but it needed some color.

Oh, there's going to be Taco Bar for the people who help move. That's were the Taco Bar part fits in, almost forgot.

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Carina said...

Finally! They're finally moving! Wow, and here I was thinking it was going to happen next spring. Sending good moving vibes.