Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Finishing is for Athletes, plus Zombies

Knitting. I love it. I knit, and knit, there you go, a finished object right? You should only see me carrying hand knit bags, wearing kicky berets, and sporting fashionable vests.

Problem is, I've got all this awesome stuff hanging around the house, but I'm just not a fashionable person. Envision snot green t shirt, red glasses, men's levi's and stripey knee highs. Wait, I sound pretty cool.

But like Kat's bag, the Noro/Poems bag for Grange, the Ravenclaw socks, and the Ballband Dishcloth, NFL Gauge Swatch Hat, the Sweet Mary Jane Cardigan and don't forget the Dreaded Dread Pirate Sam crocheted Doll, some things just need a little, eh, hem, finishing. Not even big things. A button here, a head there, more turd polishing ribbon applying there.

But I've been busy, there's been a big zombie outbreak. I think some college kids have been practicing voodoo or going to the Pet Semetery.

Here we have a log cabin giant square from Brouhahaknits, plus some crazy good Canadian candy, which I ate all in one sitting and made myself INSANE, uh, worse than normal.

So, my plans for this? FINISH IT INTO A FREAKING PILLOW.

Also, a quick apology to Deborah who called while I was on my sugar high. I don't normally eat candy. I don't normally eat two things of candy and wash it down with a diet coke and then talk to humans. Yeah, so, sorry for all the high speed humming bird rate of talking.

More about zombies. On a quest for Zombie Lore, I went to the Keepers of Knowledge themselves. These guys are freaky and don't always speak English and sometimes you have to know weird secret handshakes, and sometimes you have to be a Dude just to enter the Sacred Halls. Yeah, I went into the local Comic Book Shop, and was treated like a Fairy Princess!

Really, I walked in carrying a snot nosed Pig 3, had boogers on my shirt and the normal maple syrup in my hair and I actually heard one guy say "Dude, a hot chick just walked in here."

I did a double take on that one. Hot chick I am not, mom of three with perma-snot I am. But being a Comic Book Store, next to a Christian Book Store and an Office Depot, probably does limit the chick foot traffic.

Dig if you will the picture (Prince just got a 5 cent royalty) Owen and I being chatted up by Comic book clerk about what type of comics we were looking for...

Comic Book Guy: "What are you looking for?"

Me: "We liked '30 Days of Night'" (Like I'm reading Vampire Comics to Owen for Bedtime stories)

Comic Book Guy: "OK! Those are over here, they've got.."

Me: "I know, the movie will totally be out in October, I hope it stays true to the story and doesn't get all Hollywood and wimp out on the gore."

Comic Book Guy: Passes Out

Comic Book Guy 2: "What were you looking for?

Me: "Zombie comics, maybe funny, anything with knitting too?"

CBG2: "Uh, Zombie, funny, knitting? Ah, arrrggh."

Me: TWACK! (I hit him with my travel shovel-Possible zombie)

I ended up with Marvel Zombies VS. Army of Darkness and another one, but golly, now you really think I am all sick and wrong. It's research!

While in there Pig 3 wanted a comic. I said sure. Then he picked out a DC comic. I said "no DC, we are a Marvel family. What would Stan Lee say? Get Spiderman."

But on a knitting note, the Fanfare would actually be a great place for a knit night. They have clean tables set up, great lighting, and we'd get treated like fairy princesses. Ok, probably just the first time, then they'd be pissed that there were so many girls in their club house.


dee's brother said...

Hey...I might have a money making opportunity for you. I have about 300 hundred comics I bought in the early 90's. They have never been touched or opened. They are all in this mylar (sp?) packaging. Some are signed by the artists etc. Any ways...most are series that start with the very first comic...one of them is call "Lady Death". Any ways...I bought them because I had a little Brother thru Big Bro's Big Sis's and it was away for me to connect with him. So, now I have had these things for 15 years and don't have a clue what to do with them. If you want to try and unload them I could ship um to you, and we could split the monies you get for um.

shelly said...

Having been the Physics club homecoming queen nominee in high school, I have experience being "the girl that the nerds think is hot". So, of course, I think your idea of knitting in the cb store rocks!

Also - in order to distract them from the "he-man woman haters club" tendencies so often found in cb stores, I suggest rustling up a 20-sided die and rolling them for powers -- they'll end up making you their god before they even realize that you're still a girl.

Kristina B said...

That can of diet coke looks GINORMOUS.

I'm going to try the smarties/terry chocolate/DC combo tonight. Cheaper than booze. ;)

Holly Bee said...

Oh My Gosh!!! If you click on the knitted log cabin square photo and look by the Diet Coke can you can see a zombie skull! I swear!

Be careful when you mix all that candy and soda! It's a sign, it's a sign!!! Ok, it may just be a sign for me, I have a dentist appt today.

20 sided die, huh? I think I know where I can score one of those...John...John?

Carina said...

Hey, Hot Chick! You rock!

kate said...

Ah, comic book stores . . . my brothers used to have me make all their purchases, because the comic book dudes would all but leap to the register when I sashayed up to the counter.

And I'll admit to loving the comic books, too. I had a horrible crush on Gambit all through high school. (Is my nerd showing?)

DomesticOverlord said...

I think I just fell in love with you.