Monday, September 10, 2007

Cleaning is for Suckers

As I cleaned up the 2 inches of pee off the bathroom floor, I realized, indoor plumbing is stupid. Oh, and how do I know it was 2 inches of pee? Each week I put a disposable cup behind the toilet, it's like a rain gauge, except mine is measuring, well, urine. I catch roughly 1.5-2 inches of pee a week. If I were in Canada, I would measure in centimeters, but inches of pee it is.

As for the Pigs, I say outhouse. They like the outdoors, they like peeing outdoors, outhouses are outdoors, seems win-win. Well, except for the whole werewolf/zombie problem we have in our area. Eh, Pig 2 is good with animals, I'm sure they'll work something out.

So, outhouse for the Pigs, fancy white and pink bathroom upstairs with a deadbolt and a retinal scan security system for me. I would even go all Dolores Umbridge and decorate it with cats. I don't even like cats, it's just to keep the male pigs out, that includes the big stinky Ogre.


Carina said...

I'm with you. Stephen makes more bathroom mess than the rest of the family put together (which is saying something). Given that I've caught both kids peeing outside, I think the outhouse makes a lot of sense.

The city probably would get upset, though, right? *sigh*

Holly Bee said...

Oh, we don't live in a city...we're in township zone baby!

Paula said...

With 3 sons and a husband I managed to finagle my own bathroom. I deserved it! Go for it, Holly! I still had to clean theirs but at least I didn't have to use it.

Holly Bee said...

You know Paula, I like your style. Huh, I think I may be able to pull this one off...yes, I like the my own bathroom idea. I think they'd like an indoor bathroom rather than a werewolf infested backyard outhouse's worth a try.