Friday, September 28, 2007

Can I get my Nerd Card Laminated Now?

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Holly Bee
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Go To Gal for Charity Hats, Bags and Zombie Slaying

So I won the giveaway from Briar Rose Fibers. Was $50 in Free Fiber enough? NO! I had to send a check today to get more. I don't neeeeeed more. What I need is a new zombie shovel. Actually, the Pigs say I need a third arm so I can serve all 3 of them breakfast at the same time. But I wanted more than the $50 free winnings because it's sooooo pretty.

Here's the's not even for me! I'm having like additional weird charity hangover guilt, and I plan on making stuff for other people. Ugh. See, it was a what are you making for Holiday Gifts Giveaway, not a "What are you Making for Your Greedy Self" giveaway. Plus, I am kind of feeling bad about ripping out Beth's stupid hemp tank and making it into useful bags. But I just wasn't feeling it. Plus, it was really, really boring to work on.

You know, like Interweave Knit's Knitting Daily Boring? Besides, if I give a gift I want it to be all Craft Magazine or The AntiCraft level of fun. Not lame, sorry Hemp for Knitting, the tank was just not "it" enough for Beth Church's mad superfly style. You can't rock the zombe lifestyle so plain jane. Have you seen the get up Alice wears in Resident Evil? Yeah.


The Legal Gourmets said...

Hey Holly: re shovels, tell the Pigs that when I was their age I was feeding myself and my younger brother... after trudging to the grocery store 10 kilometres away through deep snowdrifts to buy the food, of course.

(On second thought, scratch younger brother wasn't even born yet!).

;-) Re. the free $50 not being enough for the yarn... well, of course $50.00 of luxury yarn. Just ask my LYS who have been reduced to saying "how many today" when I go in for Handmaiden stuff? ;-)

The Legal Gourmets said...

Oh - PS... what's with the "knitting for others stuff" anyway? And - by the way, this is Kristina Brouhaha (writing under my alter ego, apparently. Trying to help my friend get a career in food writing... HA!)

Holly Bee said...

It's easier to do stuff for them than to clean up or have them clean up messes. I would really prefer everyone just ate out of a bowl like the dog, it would be tidier.

Yeah, the yarn I am getting was shipped today!!!!!!!! So freaking awesome.

Knitting for others. I don't have to worry if I hate it, because it's not for me.

Kristina B said...

I agree with your assessment that everyone eat out of a bowl. For my part, I feed DH off disposable dishes - not great for the environment, but great for our personal couple sanity when arguing about who will do the dishes.