Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Ah, it's Cold Outside

Ok, heatwave in Michigan over, feels like fall, time to bust out the snotty knits for real. I'm wearing sweat pants, I plan on sending 2 out of 3 kids off to school, eating cupcakes, watching Elmo, taking a nap and doing some serious KNITTING!!

It's like the start of the world's so not sexiest post, eh?

But really, as PK would say, "it's sweater weather." Which to me now means knit a sweater weather.

So, here are the plans

1. Rip out Bizzy B's (Beth Church) Tank-really it was never meant to be

2. Knit Bizzy B's tank into useful Market bags

3. Knit NFL color inspired hats for relatives that care for football for holidays

4. Ignore relatives that don't care for football for holidays

5. I mean knitwise

6. Go to yarn store with NFL Team color list and match yarns to Teams and look like a complete crazy (more than normal.) Save for day when wearing "leaving the house clothes." This is actually a questionable subjection when one looks at my closet, but still.

I guess that's a pretty good list to completely ignore.


dee's brother said... weather.....not so much here. Still 90's and muggy! Although....their was always something I liked about sweater weather! ;)

Holly Bee said...

Makes you miss football!

Tracy said...

Hi I'm Tracy, Kristin's co-worker, she said to read your blog, cuz you are hilarious! She's right! I too live in house where those of the male persuasion pee on the floor. I swear I've seen my husband close his eyes, put one hand on the wall, and just go for it. Good call on the measuring :)

Holly Bee said...

Hey Tracy!

Thanks so much saying I'm funny! That makes my day :)

Spread the word! Spread the snot! Help in the fight against zombies! Maybe I should get tshirts made up...

Mick said...

I love the idea of NFL knitting! Last year, as one of my first ever projects (and to this day the only one involving intarsia), I knitted my boyfriend's stepdad a U of Michigan scarf. The M turned out lumpy, but it was double-sided and I'm still pretty proud of it. Bring on the team colors!

Holly Bee said...

Woohoo! I'm so exited to get
THE LIST finished and posted. I'm just sort of, well, not working on the typing part, and begging the Ogre to do it. Argggh