Monday, August 20, 2007

Well, I still can't knit

So I did end up going to see a Medical Care Professional about my arm. Our neighbors were like, uh, it looks like you are hiding a regulation size softball in your arm (it's all sports here), you need to go to the ER, and get that E-Rayed.

I was like, ER, ER!!! I still owe them money from Pig 3's last visit there. I was acting all local, like we go there all the time, and just hang out. Apparently our insurance doesn't like to pay for ER visits, or maybe they don't even pay for ER visits. But he was all sick and fever and strep throat, and the office was closed and blah, blah, which leads me to this...PIG 3 IS SICK AGAIN!

Now, we just got back from his Dr visit. He has Strep, again! We have an appt for a visit for an ENT consultation for a possible tonsillectomy. Anyway, he feels fine, and was all "aaaaaahhhh. Look, my throat hurts!"

My arm was not broken, it was just tendinitis. I now have a regulation size baseball lump on my arm thanks to the Motrin 800 that the nice, nice non ER Dr gave to me. The nice, nice non ER Dr that got me right in for an appt, didn't mind my 3 kids, and was totally cool!

So, the knit part is...I tried to knit and it makes to bump still hurty. Now I have all this pretty yarn, and a sick kid, and a lovely inside rainy day, I really have to clean my house!


Carina said...

Oh no!!! That's just plain not fair.

Yes, you should have someone look at that arm, and you should have x-rays. Can you just get in with an orthopod instead? I think the big practice at Borgess has a machine in their office like the guys in B.C. do.

Poor Owie-O. Poor you. :-(

Mrs. H said...

Awwww... this just isn't fair. Put some yarn on it, hon. Yarn makes everything better.

Bec said...

Have you tried using a tennis elbow support thing? This is a link to a fancy one but you can get simple ones from Meijer.
I had a bit of tendonitis, but sounds like nothing compared to what you are going through. Rest, NSAIDs, and ice are going to be your friends.
Good Luck!

Melissa said...

It sounds painful! I say, if you can't knit, you can't clean! ;) )