Sunday, August 26, 2007

Weird lost post

I wrote this awesome post, and it's weird and lost in some alternate universe. But found it and if you would like to read it and learn about what I am planning on knitting and see a photo of me wearing a silly hat and wearing an apron click here.

If you mystically live in the alternate universe and got the posting on the first try, what does my hair look like? Is it long or short? The real question is, does it have curls in the alternate universe?


Holly Bee said...

Now it turned up and I just look like a jack ass. I was afraid I had accidentally posted to the No Sheep for You Knit a Long.

Jen said...

Love your apron! Did you make it? Can I get the pattern?

Holly Bee said...

I actually got my apron from the Grange Bazaar. The Ogre's Great Aunt makes them. I'm pretty sure it's the pattern her Mom used! It's awesome!

I think the Vogue retro apron pattern is very similar. I will check it out next time I am at a pattern store.