Wednesday, August 15, 2007

We went to the Fair! Of Course We Ate, Which gave us Tools to Ward off Vampires

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Ah, the fair! The smell hunger causing mix of deep fried food and barnyard, it gets me everytime. Like good parents, we huslted our pigs through the animal barns first to get them good and hungry before feeding them deep fried animal products.

Sorry about all the photos. Again, lack of knitting, I have to do something. The pigs are getting sick of it too. Yeah, real sick of the photos.

Here, Pig 2 checks out the Grange display in the Floral Barn. He is supposed to be looking forward to the Future of the Grange, but whatever, he's at least pointing the way.

Oh, look, chicken nuggets stink! Will you continue eating chicken nuggets, I ask? His answer is yes, with Ranch dip, but they stink when they are alive.
"Mom, those chickens are going to ATTACK YOU!!!!"
Not so much a fan of falling down in the filthy chicken containment area...

Harrison was kind enough to take this photo.

Marissa, proud 4-H horse girl, and double 1 place ribbon winner. Also 5th place ribbon winner out of 15, that's with almost falling off for the bare back portion. Not bad. Actually awesome girl! Horses freak me out!!! They are too smart, they'll eat your eyes and stomp your feet and they smell fear. Or is that ocelots?
Ooooh, the Famous Home Grange #129 Pancake Tent!!!! The Ogre said something about Fraternity or Brotherhood and I shouldn't say nasty stuff about Fredonia Grange because of something about Fraternity and Brotherhood. I don't know, I was totally eating an elephant ear that was deep fried in vegetable oil (I asked) and wasn't listening, which is funny, because I had an extra ear.
Ha,ha Eunny, working. Sorry, Eunice, you are the true backbone of the Pancake tent and when my kids are older I will totally be working by your side. You are awesome!
Kitty K.
The Pigs, look! Eating!!! If you look in the background, those Grangers tricked the Ogre into putting the sides up on the tent and closing up the Pancake tent for the night. Remember Ogres and easily tricked by food or the promise of food.

John, taking out the trash. I guess you could have worked that one out on your own.
Look, at one of the food booths they hand out Vampire fighting sticks with every purchase!! The Ogre was very happy to see that the Fair Folk were still following the Olde Wayes and fighting the ancient battle. Oh, glory be to the mighty Corn Dog, may ye Nitrates never give my kids cancer!
I actually saw a fellow Ogre over in the Beef barn. I gave the Ogre wife the secret nod. We smile at each others Ogre children, and walked on with joy in our hearts, knowing that there would be more Ogre kind to fight the secret battle against the Vampire.
Harrison being too big for hugs.
A forced Ogre hug.
A 2 hour train ride. Actually, the guy running the train ride was having a battle of wills with a family. The guy made the little girl wait for like 15 minutes, just to be mean, but my kids got a super long ride.

So, we were being silly while our kids were being held hostage on a train ride.
Overall, another super fun, although stinky time at the fair. I bet normal people who get attacked by chickens and then have their kids get stuck on a ride don't consider something super fun, but we never claimed to be normal!

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Jen said...

Ah the Calhoun County Fair! Brings back loads of good memories. I think I went every day when I was living in Marshall - glad to hear it's still going strong!