Thursday, August 16, 2007

We are Done with Our Summer Fun List

Ok, we have done everything on our summer fun list, and yesterday, I finally did, I wore the darn pigs out!
How did I manage it? Well, I held the camera up, saw the pigs in the mirror and then pushed the button. Oh, the wearing out part. Remember, it took all summer, and Pig 1 is really reading a book and not asleep....
5-6 trips to the zoo (Binder Park)
1 Trip Potawatomi Zoo (animals not Jill)
1 trip Lake Michigan
Many forced bike rides around cul de sac with bribes of sugar free popsicles
1 downtown Kalamazoo (to see the sights-Parking garage! Bridge over Taffic!)
2 visits to Kalamazoo Valley Museum
1 Tigers Game
1 Storm Filled, Tent peed in, Swimming, hiking, kayaking, awesome, camping trip
1 mini cabin, hiking trip
Impression 5 Science Museum
1 round of Blueberry picking
1 Underdog Movie with Auntie K
1 trip to Park with Auntie K
4th of July Parade participants-by bike and by wagon
1, and only 1 ride on the Barf maker, uh, double decker carosel at the mall.
3 movies in the theatre
Many, many stops at local parks
2 drive in movie trips
1 trip Full Blast in Battle Creek (Thanks Deborah, and Crew!!! We had sooo much fun!!)
Man, this list is huge and I know I am forgetting stuff too!!! Ok, we did have a pretty awesome summer, and those kids should be tired out, I am.
Hello, year round school. Is it good for them to have this much fun all at once?


Kristina B said...

Hi Holly! Wow - does sound exhausting.

Replying to your post on my blog re. ravelry... your Email link isn't working. Any way you can reactivate the old addy?... then you could resume your place on the list. The main page of the ravelry website also allows you to check your status.

Cheers and good luck,


PS bought some ultrafancy colourful new yarn yesterday... check out the blog if you wanna see!

Paula said...


Your children will have fond memories of this summer! I have 3 sons also but I don't believe I was as energetic as you are. In fact, I know I wasn't! We did manage a lot of swimming in the summer. Kudos to you, a GREAT Mother!

Holly Bee said...

Oooh! Thanks sooo much! I think I just really like to do kid stuff!

Melissa said...

Wow! Great list!!! I love the picture and chuckle that the 3rd one is just reading!
I should keep a list like that for our summers in some kind of memory journal type thing.
200 trips to Walmart won't be included, hopefully they won't remember that part! ;)