Friday, August 17, 2007

Today the Fair, Tomorrow...the World, ok, the MI Fiber Fest, but Still

Ok, today, we are going to have Ogre cooked breakfast at the Fair. How many people can saw that? Actually, this week, hundreds.

But tomorrow, Michigan Fiber Fest!!!

(Weather in Allegan per Weather Channel)

I will be there as close to 9am (opening) as I can manage. I hear Marty and Alice are aiming for that time too. No, not to beat the crowds or get good parking, just because we are dorks. I also like time alone in the morning, and driving there will count.

So how will Matt and Kristin be able to recognize me in the crowd? How will Carina spot me if I am not waving a big "CAR WASH HERE" style sign?

I will in fact be representing Team B with my Detroit Tigers Orange shirt. You know, the prison work crew escapee Orange color shirt with Holly B on the back. Easy to spot.

Someone asked me what the big deal was about Fiber Fest, they thought we were all going to Allegan to eat bran muffins. Which, I like bran and all, but I get the confusion. I told her about the sheep, the llamas,the wool, yarn, sheep dogs, vendors, yarn, displays, activities, friends, food, fun and she still said, "so what's the big deal?"

I just told her to go check it out if it's bothering her that much and find out her self. I'd bring her a bran muffin if she still needed sorted out.

(Wow, I couldn't type for a bit, Pig 3 is watching cartoons, and a song from Rocky Horror was Bastardized into a kid showtoon beach song...I was momentarily immobilized. That hasn't happened to me since I worked at Record Town and when I was on break this one guy thought it was funny to turn on Coverdale/Page. I would come out yelling every time. "This is just a poor imitation of Led Zeppelin because David Coverdale was always jealous of Robert Plant and Jimmy Page still wants to play guitar, turn it off before my ears bleed.")


Carina said...

What's wrong with a car wash sign? ;-)

We'll go to the fair tonight with David, and I'll see you at the Festival tomorrow.

Holly Bee said...

Heeheehee! It's bulky to carry around! Plus, you're just going to end up washing llamas.

Matt Church said...

Sounds great. We shall be on the lookout for a Holly B in Detroit Tigers orange! We likely won't get there until midday since we've got the morning drive to get there. Fiber is FUN!