Sunday, August 26, 2007

Time to Up the Knitting, or No More Knitting on the Down Low

I have entered into a new relm of knitting, it's not a good one, it may not even be legal. Nooo, noo, no. I am dropping all my current projects (I'll see you in Hell Beth's tank top) and switching over to...Holiday Projects!!! Let the insanity begin.

Oh, and to you greedy friends and family out there going "ooooh, Holly's been making the boys really cute patterned hats, and ahhh, didn't she make the Ogre a WMU hat to wear to the football games, and golly, I bet she's making everyone a hat this year."

IT'S NOT HAPPENING! I'm not knitting for you fools, I'm knitting for the good of the Order. I'd like to say for the Order of the Phoenix, or the Brotherhood of Mutants, but it's really for Home Grange #129.

What? You don't know about Home Grange #129. Oh, man. Well, it, huh, does Wiki know about the Grange, hold on. Here's the National Grange's info page.

Anyway, every year, since the beginning, and I do mean the beginning, Home Grange #129 has a Swiss Steak Supper and Bazaar the first Friday in December.
This year will be no exception. There will be beefy goodness, home made mashed potatoes, side dishes, awesome sweet potatoes, for the food part and upstairs it's the Bazaar. Don't be thrown off by the name, it's old school. It's also where I get my sweet envy inspiring aprons. The PTA chicks are sooo jealous of this action.

Money raised goes to community service projects supported by the Grange through out the year, things like...

Dictionary Project

VA Hospital (Battle Creek)Visiting and Snack Project

Quilts and baby hats items for Oaklawn Hospital

Funeral dinners

Food Bank of South Central Michigan

Yes, yes, the Home Grange #129 Swiss Steak Supper and Bazaar is December 7th 2007. But I have to start working on stuff now. I can't leave this to the last second, or the last week. I have to start knitting nooooow! I have been requested to make bags, and purses. I foolishly made bags the last 2 years and they sold quickly, made money, and people want more. Now, I have to make MORE. As in more, more. So, either I have to teach the Ogre to knit, and start my own Ogre, Pig, Knit with Snot sweat shop, which is just super smelly and gross, or I have to suck it up and start knitting a million bags now.

So, again, for me, bags it is. Unless of course you have a bag you have made and you just aren't happy with it and would like to donate it for the good of the order (order of your choice.) I personally knit for the Order of the Phoenix. Me and Hermione totally hang out, drinking butterbeer, and when the kids go to bed we hit the Fire Whiskey. She totally scored a skein of unicorn, cashmere blend, unbelievable. It's all very hush-hush though, for gift for Ron's Mom.

Oh, if I had a superpower that wasn't levitation, I would totally want to have Magneto's power! I have a total crush on him. When you want evil, you might as well go Maneto evil! I loooove him. He's a super genius evil, and a scientist, and hot, and, really, half the X-Men used to be evil anyway so really, Magneto all the way. Plus, he can use his power over metal to...levitate. I got it all worked out. Plus, I love the evil.


Bear said...

do you encourage people to visit sickies with snacks? if it's actual carrots it's a bad idea. i suggest spicy peanuts and fun size snickers. mini size is crap. the peant hunks are noticably smaller. way smaller.

Holly Bee said...

Dear Bear,
If you are naughty, I will delete your posts. Be good.

Holly Bee said...

They aren't really sick, they are mostly traumatized by the evils of war. War is bad. Didn't you read Harry Potter?

Twinsanity/Spinsanity said...

Did someone say "bag"? I have a felted one that, as it turned out, doesn't match the sunburst pin I wanted to pin on it. You can have the bag...I keep the pin. In case I ever freakin' find a yarn that goes with it.

(see, I told you I visit occasionally)

Holly Bee said...

AWESOME!! Now the Ogre will have to let me out of the house on a school night-it's knitting for charity work!

Thank you sooo much! It's for a really good cause, and if you don't like it, it clears out space for stuff you love! De-clutter!