Friday, August 10, 2007

Tigers lost, We Won-updated-more photos of pigs eating

Here we have Team B hitting White Castle, either that or I got a shot of a Community Service Work Crew on lunch break at White Castle. Either way, everyone loves matching orange shirts.

After the burgers, we got our friends Dan, Lee and Grace. I was proud, they are locals and Dan said he was impressed with the way I handled my car in traffic. The Mazda 5 has untold powers. I think most people are so busy going "what kind of car is that?!?" that it leaves me space to cut them off.

Waiting for their first bite of White Castle Burgers...
The sign in the White Castle Parking lot.....classy.

By the gates, in the rain, in the Ogre made rain Poncho, right before we got "talked to" by security. The pigs and I later got "talked to" by the same security guy, we were trying to sneak into the private area to check out the fancy seats.
Lee and Grace, Owen with his giant hotdog. Actually, his Tiger hotdog.

Me pre dizzy Pigs with 7th inning snack. We did see some baseball too. Look! Pudge is catching. He is a waaaay better catcher than say, runner. He needs to pray for a good hit just so he doesn't have to run fast. Poor guy. Oh, I also noted that besides the awesome that goes with being a pro ball player, like getting lot's of chicks, you get your own theme song. I really want a theme song.
Pose EL TIGRE taught Grace. Actually, I think everyone picked up El Tigre's pose. That and we have all been singing Spider Pig a lot.
Running from Team B. Oh, you can run, but you want a nickname and t shirt...
Actually, we have set up a future Team B and Team O date for the Henry Ford Museum!!!! Beware Eastside! BEWARE!!!!!!!


Carina said...

The Henry Ford has the best exhibit on old dollhouses. Oh, and cars--the limos the presidents were shot in was creepy. The kids mostly liked the place, and we did say we'd do the village one of these days . . .

Holly Bee said...

Are you kidding? The village ROCKS!!! Hello, science nerd here! Menlo Park is in there!