Thursday, August 16, 2007

Super Suppers in Portage or My New Favorite Way to Make Dinner

Here is Deborah, Michelle Troyer and Holly Bee!

This photo was taken at Super Suppers in Portage at the end of a magical evening. I walked in with an empty cooler, scared and alone, I walked out with 6 dinners, friends, and well, a new place to call "kitchen."

Actually, Deborah and I had planned to meet there. Wednesday is "open hours night" so you don't have to schedule a time. This is a great way to test out Super Suppers for the first time. You can just drop in, and figure out what you want, no planning.

I was early, so I talked to the nice ladies at Super Suppers for awhile. Things like this...

"Where do I leave my purse" under the island

"Where do I leave my cooler" in the lobby

"Where is the hand wash sink" in the corner by the wall of fridge-we have smelly
good soaps

"Where do I put my food when I am done making it" in the wall of fridge

"Do you hate me" NO!!! You are awesome

"I brought my own apron" noo, use ours, don't get your pretty one dirty

"you really clean up after me" yes

"even if I am dirty" yes

"really" yes

"are you sure" Oooh, we have a table with snacks, would you like some? Is that your friend? She brought wine!

So, Deborah and I made dinner, in a clean well stocked totally clean kitchen without the distraction of kids or husbands. Sorry Ogre and Pigs. Also, I don't cook anything that's not in a crockpot or ends up being a casserole and these are actual recipes. Check the menu for August.

Such a grown up am I, my new hang out, making's totally awesome! Thanks Michelle and everyone at Super Suppers!! I had a great time, my family was drooling over the cooler of yum I brought home.

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Anonymous said...

I LOVE Super Suppers!!! It's so fun, and SOOOO GOOOD! Maybe we could meet up sometime!

Katie C