Sunday, August 12, 2007

Silky Wool? I've got your pattern...finally.

So I've got this problem, ok, not a problem, it's really a bag full of sweet, sweet, Silky Tweed in color 007. Yes, I too want to be Bond, but not in Casino Royale, when he's in that chair and gets, uh, beaten. I want to knit lovely sweaters in color 007, get it. Did that totally make you think of Royale with Cheese too? Are you totally hungry now?

Anyway, think bag o' yarn, knit into this here sweater from the fall(!) issue of Interweave Knits. The pattern is by our the new editor herself Eunny Jang. Nice work Eunny, love the sweater, great cables, love the cardi, simple style, easy finishing. Oh, what, can't hear you? Different yarn, different gauge too you say? Who cares, it will fit someone, or me or, an orphan. Orphans want pretty stuff too you heartless bastard.

If this Silky Wool or Silky Tweed yarn ever actually get knits into anything, it will be a minor miracle.

So, I bet you totally want to know about all the camping and the adventure we had? Well, the Ogre actually said "I am thinking of burning your clothes. You stink." It was totally awesome.


Mrs. H said...

You seem to have this thing with stinking/smelling like a man lately. LOL

Holly Bee said...

Yes, I have been pretty stinky lately! It's my darn knitting arm being messed up, I don't know what to do with myself! See, knitting keeps me out of trouble...stinking trouble too!

Mrs. H said...

Another reason to add to the list of why buying more yarn is good. "But, honey, I can't knit without yarn and knitting keeps me out of trouble! You don't want me to run out of yarn and then get into trouble, do you?" I am so going to try this one on Mr. H.