Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Right, So Organized I Lost my Planner

Oh, yes, along with the many other lies I have to juggle, the "I am organized" lie is the one currently biting me in the ass. (Take that PG rating, I must be up to an R now. Gosh, who knew my poor homemaking skills would be the thing that would push my blog's PG rating over the edge.)

Yes, again, Carina saying I am organized is haunting me. I lost my beloved planner/organizer last week Wednesday. What does a Stay at Home, Camping, Leader of Team B, often smells like a man, sort of Mom need with a Planner? Uggh, sadly, to keep track of the boring stuff like dental appointments, and school things, and meet the teacher jargon. I bought the planner because I missed 2 parent teacher conferences, and a field trip in the same week. Oooh, I sent in money for my pig, and sponsored another pig to go on the field trip (those are fun-I didn't want someone to miss out.) but I totally had no clue when it was.

It also really sucked to have 2 different schools call and ask if someone in the family DIED and did I think my child's education was important enough to attend their conference, blah, blah, maybe I should look into a planner. Ok, it wasn't exactly worded like that, but that was the message I got from the nice words they said. I also made the Ogre go to the rescheduled conferences, and he's scary. So scary, that Pig 1's school ended up having a Science Fair because the Ogre said they didn't teach enough science. Yeah.

So, lost planner, lead to insanity cleaning. Did it fall behind the oven?

Uh, no. But a bagel did, and it wasn't moldy, which creeped me out, because it should have been. I will never eat another one of those. Only fresh made for me. Preservatives are freaky man, like pre embalmed freaky. Like I threw out all our bread products and we are going to Great Harvest Bread, besides, it's snickerdoodle day.
Ah, my microwave area never ever looks this tidy. Weird stuff often ends up here too. Sadly, no darn planner. I did find my ipod, Pig 1's ipod, about 20 cd's, Jimmy Hoffa, my wedding rings (oops), 2 cameras, and $19.74 in change.
Look out the windows, it's dark now. I started looking for the planner at like noon. I took out 4 dead plants, seamonkeys (which are gross, and in a Mason jar now) and 2 sippy cups that I don't think were even ours to begin with. No planner.
This is Pig 2's Art Cart. The other Pigs don't care about Art. Pig 2 is an Artist. He wants to be a Zoo Keeper and an Artist. He's the one built like a football player. Not a kicker, a linebacker. I am not allowed to touch his Art Cart because it's organized in some artistic manner. Which I believe, because I have the same methods. In a drawer out of the way is tidy, even if the interior of the drawer is messy.

What's that? Under the paint, but on top of the kite (why is the emergency fun kite in the kitchen)...could it be, that I am really bad at sweeping?

Look, my planner!!!
Yes, I am really bad at sweeping!!!!
Also, if you come over for coffee, the sugar bowl has salt in it and it is clearly labelled NaCl.

I stayed up all night waiting for the eclipse and I came up with this idea so I wouldn't lose my planner again. Don't you think that Gwen Stefani will be rocking this look soon?

I call my line D.O.R.K. (Don't Organize Real Kareful)


Carina said...

Yay you found the planner!!! I have to admit, I wouldn't have looked there. I'll have to remember looking under odd kid things on the floor when I lose mine (it's guaranteed to get lost at least once this year, if my track record is to be believed). Yay!!!

Melissa said...

What a fun post!
I have just recently started working on organization. It's tough, but I'm determined! Thank goodness my boys aren't in school. Plus I don't have an ogre to make up for my unorganization! lol
Your kitchen looks great! Plus you got paid $19.74 for cleaning it!
That's creepy about the bagel. I found 1/2 of an English muffin in a vase the other day and was surprised it wasn't moldy. I just chalked it up to being more recent than I thought... but you're right, now that I think about it. Preservatives are going into our body too. Maybe since they can't break down naturally, our bodies have a problem breaking them down too which is why they turn into fat! Okay, I'm getting carried away, but it is interesting...
Art Carts are great! My boys have one just like it.
And your look is definitely stylin' ;) I may have to copy that with my new notecard organizational program! lol