Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Ok, Ok, I Have Some News

Oh my Golly! You totally think we are having another Pig don't you! No, no, no. NO. We are flying in a pig free zone from here on out, or I will jump ship. 3 pigs is all the pigs I can handle, unless you have a pig that needs a home, then I will love it and raise it as my own. But now I am all off track.

I got my Ravelry account all set up and rockin and rollin!! My name there, if you want to be my friend, (did that sound like begging?) is knitwithsnot

Ravelry, of course led to adventure of it's own.

Ogre "Dear sweet wife, what is for dinner."

Wife "Oh my! I burned dinner! We will have to go out!"

Ogre "That's ok Dear, it's Kid's Eat Free Night at Mancino's, plus I love Grinders almost as much as I hate Zombies."

Did you catch that I didn't make dinner and spent like 100 years messing around on the computer? So Kristin, not only are you awesome and my new BFF, but you are also my new trouble maker friend whose very name will probably be outlawed in the house, good thing you're marrying a favorite cousin!!!


Carina said...

Check it out for me and let me know if I'd like it. ;-)

Holly Bee said...