Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Ok, Knitting, Let's talk Michigan Fiber Fest

Michigan Fiber Festival
August 18 & 19 2007
Allegan County Fair Ground-Allegan Michigan
9am-6pm sat 9am-4pm sun

Ok, this is the 10th annual Michigan Fiber Fest.

Which in my mind means, BRING EXTRA $$.

So, August 18th is a Saturday. The Knit with Snot for You regulars will be there, role call please...Holly Bee, PK, Marty, Alice, Matt (Detroit Leaning), Kristin (KristinKnits), Carina (Bina)(Riverwalkyarns), Trixie (Trixie's Stix).
There will also be a crew of Knitty people meeting for lunch.

Soooo, vendors selling yarn, roving (weird sheep stuff that spinners magically turn into yarn I guess) books, knitting needles, punch needle or needle punch stuff, sheep, sheep dogs, llamas, alpacas, sometimes there is even a lady carrying a monkey around like it's a baby and she will stare at you harshly if you stare at her as if you think she's weird. Yeah, she's the weird one.
Oooh, there's also bunnies, and rootbeer. The bunnies are not to eat. I just remembered the rootbeer and the bunnies at about the same time.

So, again, extra money, dress in layers, wear something that you have made, bring your own bag (save the environment and save the vendors money), bring a snack, you may get light headed from all the sights and wonders. Don't fret, you can still eat the junk food there, I am just saying, a healthy snack will help you decide which yarn you neeeeed with your last bit of cash rather than wasting the money on a 2nd elephant ear because you are starving and you can't think clearly without a bit of food in your tummy and then your tummy will feel sick from all they yummy grease. Ok, that may just be me.

So, Saturday, August 18th. 1 million people will be at Fiber Fest. I hear that Sunday there are waaaay less people. So, buy the weekend pass and just go both days. It's only $2 more to pay for the whole weekend. (I think it's $4 a day and $6 for both, even I can do easy math)

Vendor list-complete list from MI Fiber Fest no links, or highlights from me with links

You know I love the MI Fiber Fest, and I get that it's all like volunteer, but really, their website is such crap. They couldn't get someone to add links to the vendors sites, or how much it is to get in or talk about parking or anything? Really? Come on!

Also, knitting, I am going to have to finish Beth's tank at the stupid Tiger's baseball game while watching the game and eating nachos and the 3 pigs or just suck it up and admit defeat and mail the darn thing to her. It's not going to be done. I could say "oh, all the volunteer work I did on the playground cut into my knitting time." But that's a total lie, lie I tell you!! I bought the yarn for that tank as a gift for Beth 3 years ago! They have been threatening to come visit for like 3 years. So, you see, I should have started knitting sooner.

It's like when I get pulled over for speeding, the cop always asks if I am in a hurry, I always answer no. Really, that is always the right anwser unless you are actively bleeding or about to give birth.

Scientists reveal secret of levitation-this headline made me snort Diet Coke out my nose this morning. I have been trying to levitate for YEARS! It's more accurate to say every night I try to levitate from my chair up to my bed, but still, I too have been working on levitation.


Carina said...

Whooo! Fiber Fest! Whooo!

Do you have a list? I haven't made my list yet of what I'm needing to get. Yeah, listen to me, "needing." I don't need yarn or anything, but you know how it is.

What handmade thing are you wearing?

Holly Bee said...

I'm going to wear Beth's Hemp Tank!!!

No, I'm going to wear my hemp T.