Monday, August 13, 2007

Ogre Sightings A Plenty! Hurry this Week Only!!

For one week only, that would be this week, on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday mornings from 6am until 12 noon, the Ogre can be spotted cooking up eggs, or maybe pancakes, but not sausage, that's grunt work. Where? You have to ask? The Home Grange Pancake Tent at the Calhoun County Fair at the Marshall, MI.

Oh, don't be tricked by the stupid "we put sawdust in the sloppy joes" Fredonia Grangers, they are our mortal enemies! Don't eat there! Don't be fooled by the word Grange, keep walking, the original breakfast serving tradition of the Pancake Tent is down by the Grandstand...follow the trail of the zombies. Ok, that's really the 4-H kids going to heckle the Ogre about his pancake making skills.

If you do stop by to visit the Ogre, say "LOOK OUT!! ZOMBIES!!" Oh, that will get a reaction,heeheeeheeeheee.

Please note that the Pancake Tent is open later than noon, and does serve more than just Pancakes. Try them for lunch...

They serve up some wicked awesome sloppy joes, chili, chili dogs, grilled cheese, ham and cheese, of course pancakes, eggs, egg sandwich, sausage, the list goes on, it's all super yum and the prices are much better than the rest of the fair, and really better for your health. Yes, a health endorsement from a place selling sausage, but it's not deep fried, so really.

After slinging cakes all am, the Ogre will be taking me and the Pigs out for a night on the fairway for fun and dinner Tuesday night. Yes, the high cholesterol is going to kill me. That or the camping. Yes, death by elephant ears and hammocks is the way I want to go.

So, check out the fair, take in the local scene, see what the 4-H kids are up to, heck, show your kids that food doesn't just really come from a grocery store. Tell them that pork is really pig, and then get'em a hot dog...

Ooooh, also check out the Floral Hall, big Grange display, info about what the heck Grange is...I'd give you a link to the Michigan State Grange website, but it's never updated and it's a complete waste of time, you'd be better off setting up a trip to the Grange Museum in Marshall if you want some info. I know the curator, I might be able to set something up for you.

There are also hand knitted and crocheted items in the floral hall. It will inspire you to enter something of your own next year! You are better than you think, your effort is good, even if it is just to keep an orphan warm, again, orphans don't like being cold, orphans like sweaters...keep knitting!

Soooo, see you at the Pancake Tent! Remember LOOK OUT!! ZOMBIES!!

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