Friday, August 31, 2007

Mid Season Plans, no Pre Season Plans

Ok, so it's not a New Year's Resolution, (I've done great on all but number 5) I really shouldn't call them Mid Season Plans since it's not June, and there are 12 months and that's month 6 and there are 12 months, but well, here's what I am going with: Pre Season Plans.

You see, here at the Casa Del Ogre (is that like mixing 2 languages and crossing species?) we are strong believers in the NFL. If the NFL is stupid enough to play Pre Season Games and get a bunch of players hurt, well, then I can make very last minute plans before the real Season Starts and then not follow through with any of my plans. No, I'm not talking about Zombie Hunting Season, and yes, I will take photos if I bag any this year. Actually, shovel any this year.

Pre Season Plans (School Season, no Zombie Season, also note it's Zombie Hunting Season, not Zombie Seasoning, because cooking Zombies is just gross)

1. Finish Beth's stupid Hemp Tank top that she will probably never wear and/or won't fit.

2. Retro Finish Kat's beloved dog 3 utter bikini top Noro bag. I may have ruined the love.

3. Prep for School Season (Try not to Dance in front of Pigs)

Yes, for those of you thinking, "I was so sad when my kids went back to school a month ago, what's up with Holly Bee, and why the heck is she dancing?"

As a reminder, we live in Michigan. As some weird Government scam, the State Officials decided that we needed to keep our children as uneducated as possible and then wonder why no high tech employers will move into our State.

You are still saying "HUH?" We have a State Mandated LAW (House Bill 4803) saying school children may not start public school until after Labor Day so that they can help with the autumn harvest. Wait, wait, no. It's so people can have a longer summer vacation and spend more money in the lovely State of Michigan. Which is lovely mind you. But really, come on.

I can't stand any more ruddy fun. Have you seen the fun we've had this summer? I'm going to die of fun!

I was shopping with the Pigs for school supplies (we were also picking up extras to give to the teachers and office staff, and to stash and hand out around January when the crayons aren't 5/$1 and pencils aren't about free-the office will usually give out supplies to kids who need help on the sly so they won't get teased) anyway I broke out into song.

Not like lalala, but all West Side Story style Jet Song. There was even a ruler dance fight between me and another rival Mom. She was sad her kids were going back to school. I sang

Stay cooool, Mommy-O
We'll hang out and get coffee
I'll teach you to knit
Stay cooool Mom

Harrison about had a heart attack out of embarrassment. He said that Sondheim style musicals were no longer "cool Mommy-O, go see Rent."

This from my child, who was trying to get me to buy him white tennis shoes with the line "everyone else will have them" and I said "that's why you don't want them, Hello, you must establish something we like to call personal style."

So, I promised not to sing. But I can't stop dancing.

What am I going to do when school starts? I am going to sleep. I am going to go order coffee, sit down, pull out my knitting, or sewing machine, and an alarm clock and sleep.

Oh, I will be bringing my own coffee cup, because I hate the taste of coffee out of paper or plastic. That, and wearing an apron.


Carina said...

Counting the days, bay-beee!

I haaaate how late this is! I'm thinking of going to the next county Dem meeting just to see if I can talk to Sen. Shauer and tell him to start a repeal of that law. It's stupid. We're not going anywhere for Labor Day, are you? Grrrr!

I forgot how public schools provide all those materials. The kids' lists are much shorter than I'm used to. The paint shirt thing is cute, though.

Kristina B said...

That sleep knitting... gotta love it!

Didn't realise that parts of the US sent the kids back as early as August! We Canadian ignoramuses are quite happy with educating the kids after Labour Day. Or maybe we're just smarter and need less time at school... ;-) kidding.

enjoy the respite!

Holly Bee said...

I was just telling a friend of my I thought Canadian's were smarter!

She lived in Quebec for some time, so she agrees. But then she started parlez vous-ing at me, and telling me about the old city and I couldn't understand her. See, I needed more schoolin'.

Anonymous said...

Learning to (I love the starbucks pumpkin spice fu fu latte, shame on me)...and sleep. Ah, what else is there to life. Well, besides of course, Wolverine football!

I had been bummed bout kids going back to school, now you have me excited! And I won't be working 100 hrs/week anymore either.

(wondering, do you wonder, "who the hell is that")

Holly Bee said...

Eh, little bit. Wolverine Football, knitting, and coffee, aren't we best friends?

Beth said...

Holy Crap! You're knitting me a tank?! I didn't even know. Do you know my size. You are a true friend.

Melissa said...

Omg! Song and dance in the store!? That's funny. Kid's have no sense of humor! ;) I love coffee, but that reminds me I bought a bunch of decaffeined tea to try to stop drinking coffee. Have you ever tried Chai? And I've started wearing an apron when I clean the kitchen twice a day! It helps me feel like working. It's not a frilly one or anything though. Just a black barbequeing type thing. :)

Holly Bee said...

Beth of 3 Sheeps, I'm sorry, the Tank is not for you, it's for my sister in law.

She wears like a size 2 petite and if she weren't my best friend since we were alterna-teens, I wouldn't be making her a shirt type piece of clothing (and I would hate her.) Plus she's tiny, in theory, this tank was supposed to be done in a week.

I can make you a surprise present! It might even be the ever sexy...ORANGE!!!

Melissa, I looove aprons! They don't have to be frilly to be awesome, just comfy! Rock on in the apron club!