Sunday, August 19, 2007

Michigan Fiber Fest...Oh, I dropped some dime, and wrote a check

I started out for the Allegan Fairgrounds alone, with a wad of cash and the promise of fun. The day was cool and mellow. Ok, not so mellow, I was rocking out to Modest Mouse (don't worry, I linked you to NPR!!). I had it cranked up to 11 my friends, not 10, 11. It hurt my ears, but it had to be done.

The Mazda 5 purred along 131 as I chewed the crunchy edges of my egg McMuffin, sans Canadian Bacon. No bran muffin for me Mom, I'm getting my Fiber from sheep!

When I got there, I had to suppress the urge to run, so I skipped. Within 5 minutes, I ran into these guys...They saw me coming from like a mile away though because of the Tigers Orange. I couldn't sneak up on anyone yesterday.

Marty (aka Uncle Olive) and Alice (aka Aunt Guinness)

Here I am! Look at the giddy! You can tell I just got here because I had not gotten out my giant cloth shopping bag that I got from Why did I bring it? To help those vendors save money and to save the world from the evil of plastic bags of course.

Here's my poor Aunt Jeanne. She's lost and confused. She was brought to Fiber Fest under the promise of seeing the herding dogs. But she kept getting tricked into the barns of yarn, fleece and spinning wheels. Ok, ok, I was the one that tricked her into making a confused face. Heeheheeheheee.
Wooohooo! Carina and her Car Wash here sign! Ok, her Knitty Meet-Up sign! I would like to say that her little heart is broken because no Knitty chicks showed up, unless you count me, and I hardly count, because she knows me outside of Knitty. So, Knitty people, lame excuses are needed, please leave them for Bina, at riverwalkyarns, she's so she's not, she's gonna need a second comfy chair for all the yarn she got to surround her!!

A Band-Aid was even used to further the cause. Which I thought was pretty darn clever.
Oooh! People all the way from the Detroit Metro area came skipping over to the Fiber Fest!! Ok, that's Kristin of KristinKnits and Matt of Detroit Leaning! How fun is that! Riotous that is!
Here was one of the most busy booths this year. It was the needle punch or punch needle place. I know, I knit and crochet, and I hate cross stitch (it's too much messing around. But the needle punch well, it must be fun, everyone else was doing it. Hey, I'm a leader, not a follower, what about my personal style! What will I tell my kids if I follow the crowd, like a...sheep. Haahahah. But I need no more hobbies, or to spend more $, but I give props where props are due. So, keep makin' mad cash Moon Struck Farms.
Speaking of busy Booths, here is Matt outside of Briar Rose Fibers. Kristin made him model while we waited for our turn to get inside the tent. It was hoppin' in there. I had already dropped some dime, wrote a check and was pimpin' patterns to fellow knitters in there. I think I may have earned an honorary Briar Rose T shirt from all the love I was spreading around in there! I love their colors!!! It's all autumn afternoons, fall trees and stormy nights. I love it!

I have the most gorgeous yarn for a cardigan, from them. Purchases to follow.
Oh, my this is Beth from Three Sheeps to the Wind with her little Pigs. She was in the Briar Rose Booth and wearing a Ravelry pin. I asked her about it, and she it was part of a Michigan Ravelry Meet-Up, but she hadn't run into anyone yet. I said I was wearing my Tiger's Orange for a Knit with Snot for Your Meet-Up. She was then flabbergasted by the blog name and we got to giggling and well, it was all down hill and good times from there!!

So, what did I learn at Fiber Fest 07? Bringing limited funds is smart. Bright Orange is a great way to be spotted, if you want to be spotted. It also helps empty booths be full booths. So, if you want to be a "ringer" shopper and help out a friends booth, wear an orange shirt and "shop," people will follow you in. I did that for a couple smaller booths and had them more full than people probably really wanted them.

Sorry to those that don't want to hear about Fiber Fest, I will probably be blabbing about this for weeeeeks. I had such a GREAT, time. I was running around and talking to everyone, and buying stuff, and pimping yarn to people that still had money and suggesting patterns and books, and oooh, buying gifts, and running errands, and ooh, it was fun.

Now, it's 1130, I'm unshowered, swilling Diet Soda, in my PJ's, letting the Pigs watch teley, my car's full of fiber, and well, I think it's a Fiber Hang over.

Also, on the Mazda 5 is awesome kick, Carina and I met some people that also had 3 kids and owned the exact same color red Mazda 5 as our family! Sweet, eh?


Jeanne said...

Remind me to wear a mask the next time I see you with a camera!!

Carina said...

I had a ball! I'm still pooped (well, that, and I got the kids' school clothes yesterday evening).

I'll take pics tonight and get everything up. Waaay too much fun!

Beth said...

That red haired girl is soooo pretty. Oh, it's me! hee, hee.
It was great to meet you and your blog is HI-Lar-I-OUS!

Alwen said...

Hey, I think I saw some of these people at the West Michigan Lace Group table!

(I was behind that table for some of the weekend, really! Other than the time I spent shopping and browsing and mooning over sheep!)

Holly Bee said...

I had so much fun!!

Next year we will have to be organized and pick a time and say meet at the ORANGE BUILDING at 2pm....then we can all jump up and down and giggle about how awesome Fiber Fest is!!!

Thanks for the love everyone!!!!

Holly Bee said...

Beth I had a riot meeting you too! Fun stuff!!!

kristinknits said...

Hey you! MFF was a blast, as was haning with your awesome "pigs" later on in the day. So. Much. Fun!

PS: Love Matt's modeling debut!