Friday, August 24, 2007

Just a Wee Bit of Knitting Magazine Insanity

Ok, so I used to buy every single knitting magazine that Barnes and Noble would put on it's lovely magazine shelves. I would do this like a maniac on a killing spree. Ok, it wasn't that bad. Actually, it was. Because some of those magazines were just crap. Actually, worse than crap, and I promised myself that I wouldn't waste my money on them again.

So now I have a subscription to Interweave Knits, which is consistently awesome. I have been feeling some great love toward Vogue Knitting, which is also pretty consistently awesome, but I have no subscription. So I figure I would go pick up a copy at Barnes and Noble, because it is the 25th Anniversary edition.

But they didn't have it! So I try to go online to see if it's available on news stands yet, and their web site is under construction. Why would you have website construction when you have a super big deal anniversary edition out? I need info!

Actually, I don't even want the dumb magazine now. I'm just going to stick to my Interweave. Maybe I will just have to pick up the Interweave Felt magazine to get over my magazine need to waste money.


Carina said...

That's weird. Would the Michigan News Agency downtown have it? I miss that place.

Holly Bee said...

I thought it was weird too!

MI New probably would have know, I do need an oil change, which is nicely located about 2 blocks from there. Nice.

mary jane said...

Site under construction during 25th anniverary issue: Vogue Knitting appears to be in trouble. Do you think it might be about to fold?

Holly Bee said...

I think something bad is going on with Vogue Knitting. I checked their website again yesterday, and it was no Vogue Knitting it was

No, that's not a good sign!