Saturday, August 11, 2007

It Hurts When I Knit, and darn that Mazda 5 is a sweet ride

Ok, remember last weekend when Harry and I helped make the playground? Well, my right arm still hurts. Yep, I have a gross lump that some people think is tendinitis, and it sounds all squeaky when I move it...ewwwww. So anyway, it hurts when I knit. That's my latest excuse. Good one, eh?

But, my gross bumpy squeaky arm did not keep me from...
touring Kalamazoo,
going on a nostalgic dining tour of Kalamazoo,
hitting Bell's Brewery,
visiting Grandma Church,
making Detroit Tiger's Team B shirts (yes, that's what broke the camel's back, or knitting arm), eating White Castle Fish Burgers,
not "loitering" in the White Castle Parking Lot
Eating at the Tigers Game
Clapping for Pudge, oh and those other guys
Driving aggressive in traffic
and topping it all off with camping with 3 pigs

Left over from the glory days of my youth is one beat up 3 person tent. I loved that tent, and it never failed me. I don't know what that really means, but I always had a good time with it, I'll stop there. Anyway, we did a test run setting it up last night to discover a broken pole, and a hole. To remedy these problems we used a band aid and duck tape, the Campers Delight.

My Mazda 5...
Also, for those of you thinking about purchasing a Mazda 5 as a family car, that thing kicks butt. I love that thing. It totally rocks out in traffic. You may have to give it a wee bit o' gas to kick it into gear, but it really rallies through traffic and fits into spaces that a larger car, or even regular mini van couldn't dream of squeezing into. Again, the shape is different enough to make people do a double take, so you get a spare second to cut them off. I was only honked at once, and really, it should have been an almost consistent blare of horn.

It also has an amazing amount of hidey hole spaces for stuff. The glove compartment has a special shelf for the owners manual, leaving plenty of space for emergency knitting, napkins, and oh, what are those things for when you are lost? Maps. Plus, storage under the middle seats, which we aren't using due to our current carseat usage, and then there is a middle cupholder and storage stowage thing too.
Plus, I have a tent, cooler, camping gear and all sorts of crap in the fold down seats plus room for me and the 3 pigs. Did I mention it totally rocks the Harry Potter Books on CD on it's 6 Disc sounds system? I may have just sold my soul to Mazda, but somehow, my arm feels better.


Carina said...

I will admit that we almost got one. David didn't fit, though, so we had to go with the Freestyle, which I totally adore.

I'm sorry about the arm. That's bad. Are you icing it? Ibuprofen? Taking it easy on that side?

Holly Bee said...

Oh yeah, taking it easy, haha!
I went camping!

Holly Bee said...

Don't be swayed, by Carina's nonfitting husband! My Ogre fits and he is 6'6" and not fit or trim.