Friday, August 03, 2007

I have a 1/4 fu

I was working on my mustache this morning. You know, getting it shaped just how I like it, into a nice handlebar shape, then brushing it into a fu-manchu.

It had gotten to the point where I had to make a decision to keep it and start pulling it back with barrettes, shave it, which I decided against due to tell tale stubble. I could go back to the salon, but then I'd have to admit that I am getting my hair cut somewhere else now and risk the hair I want to keep, namely my eyebrows, to angry salon staff. Whatever was I to do?

Since I happened to have a Sally Hanson wax your own bikini line kit from a brave shopping excursion, but a not so brave home waxing experiment, I figured "wax is wax."

Well, let's just say that I now have 1/4 of a handlebar mustache, gummy wax stuff all over my bathroom and the knowledge that wax is wax, but a specialized mustache kit would work better. Which is what me, the pigs and my 1/4 mustache will be purchasing later today. Later, because, we don't have time for facial hair emergencies! We have Team B activities and fun to be had!!! Yes, and crazy person level mustaches to be flaunted.

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Carina said...

Man, you're brave. Wax scares me, so I just leave my mustache alone.