Tuesday, August 07, 2007

We hit Kalamazoo

Part of our round about tour of Kalamazoo. Playing on the Arcadia Festival Site equipment. We figured if it was at a festival grounds that hosts the Blues fest it was test rated for at least 4 chubby frat guys.

This was later when the wonderful Ogre was watching the Pigs. We headed straight for Bell's.

Here we are at the lovely Kalamazoo mall. Team B is joined by Cheeks and DJ Ding Dong all the way from Raleigh, North Carolina. Let me tell you, we racked up the parking violations. Before hitting downtown, we tried to eat at Bilbo's on Campus, but realized after getting there that it's not there. We also realized that Campus is all weird and cement and not the old houses and couches on the porches of years past.

We did end up at Bilbo's on Stadium. Best food ever! Beth had been waiting 5 years for her beloved Bilbo's pizza, cheezy bread and dilly dip. Hell, I eat there about once a week, and I was ooohing and aaahing over it too. I love that place. The pigs are hooked too. We had the best service and everyone in there was super nice and totally rocker to us. They even gave us ice for our cooler bag (yes, I am a super dork mom and I travel with a cooler bag in my car, comes in handy thank you). You just can't waste pizza that good.

So, a big rocking shout out thanks to all the awesom people at Bilbo's out on Stadium at lunchtime. You are all super awesome!

Uh, a small brew, migraine medicine just recommends you don't drink and operate heavy machinery.

e Pigs and Churchies on the town, Danger!

We all got too hot downtown and also took a quick stop into the Kalamazoo Valley Museum for a quick intake of science. It's also free to get in, and we all needed to get some air and, well, go to the bathroom. It's good to know where to pee. You pick these useful tips up when you used to live in your car.


trixie stix said...

Looks like a fun time!

You are right, campus is all crazy now. Plus (hug sigh of pain) Knollwood Tavern is no more. . . gasp!

kristinknits said...

Is there a slight family resemblance? I swear Carter looks a wee bit like Matt.

Holly Bee said...

Ah, Ye Olde Knollwood Tavern, a pint for the fallen.

Yes, Cart and Matt freaky similar, except Cart cannot rock the facial hair.

Carina said...

You guys were out on such a hot day, too. Wow! I'm impressed! It looks like it was a grand time.

Matt Church said...

What fun! Wish we could have joined you all! Perhaps the next round! ...yeah, I can see the similarity!

Holly Bee said...

Yes, it was hot. I was we Gr Alice carried Pig 3 waaaay before I wanted to. I was like 'too hot for carrying pigs.' Then when I carried him, his shoes were melting to my clothes.

Also, we really did stop into the museum to pee and rest in the air conditioning. But we stayed for the science.