Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The Goods from Fiber Fest

What's in the Mary Poppins bag?

Oh Crickey! How did cotton candy get in there!!

No, that's Mohair from Mohair in Motion. I picked that up on special request from PK. Actually on strict orders "pink, it must be the sweetest prettiest pink, and it can only be from Mohair in Motion, it's the best." Ok, not a direct quote, but the right idea. She buys from them every year.

No this is my Briar Rose Fibers purchase. The rest is a blur. This is where I wrote my check, got dizzy, was really loud, and cried. Tears of knit joy. Ah, look at that color, that love. The yarn is called Tuscany, and it's 80 wool and 20 flax. Pretty sweet, huh?

Books, some nice vendor, susan something. I will ask Carina if anyone wants details. I just wanted the Top Down Toddler knits book because for some reason, people keep getting married, and having kids. Weird. Also, people have feet, and we like live in Michigan and 9 months out of the year (knocked up months for some people) those are cold months. I tell you 90 degrees in Michigan is like alternate universe strange. Like polar ice melting. Wait, that really is happening. Uh, alternate universe, did we slip, did we dream into another universe. Arrrrr.

Superwash sock yarn from I believe Elizabeth's designs. I felt all bad for her because no one was in her little booth. With my bright orange Tiger shirt, and Holly Bee loudness, I stomped in. Then I checked out her goods. It was good. Her knitted up samples really showed off how well done her color work was. I talked it up, and filled her booth. I even tricked myself into some yarn. I am easy.

Here we have the last photo of the day. After Fiber Fest, we all Celebrated Matt's Bday over at Jeanne and Mel's (even though Mel is like lost in the Mountains being chased by mice.) Check out what a regular human looks like wearing Ogre shoes.


Carina said...

It's Susan's Yarn Shop from Wisconsin. I love them!

Nice haul. :-)

Beth said...

MMMMMM Cotton Candy.

Holly Bee said...

Haha! I thought you'd remember. Thank you for the info.

Can I mention again the pink stuff is not for me. If I bought pink it would be burn your eyes out pink, like would look good with orange, pink. Pretty.

Holly Bee said...

Ooops, I meant to say, pretty, but not for me.

Melissa said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE all of your yarn. I adore pink. And the tuscany and the soft shades of blue are GORGEOUS. I want it all! lol I wonder if they have any fiber fests in my area. I might have to go visit my local yarn store soon. The owner hasn't seen me all Spring or Summer!

kristinknits said...

Jeanne looks great in those Chucks! : )

Can't wait to see you Tuscany FO!