Monday, August 27, 2007

Even a Good Deed Went Weird

Oddly enough, Sarah's Dad and my Dad both needed kidney transplants. Carter ended up being able and willing to donate his kidney to our Dad. Sarah's Dad is still on the waiting list and doing dialysis and well we sort of have a kind of survivors' guilt or really non-donor guilt.

Sooo, we decided to do something about it. We decided to start donating blood through the American Red Cross.

I looked up the Kalamazoo Red Cross schedule and wouldn't you know it, there was a Public-No Appointment Needed-Blood Drive the very next day at the Kalamazoo Air Zoo.

To make it even more perfect, I was driving to our Scrapbook event. Which meant I would have to drive by the Air Zoo on the way home. So, guilt would get me if I tried to back out. Oh, my blood buddy? The plan goes, she's going to donate with her school blood drives....

How can you say no to an Emergency!
Ok, to start the Weird. Yes, capital W, weird, there were like 1 million boy scouts in the parking lot. They were having a boy scout air zoo camp out in the rain and mud camporee. Which you know, I am all about.

So I went to ask if there were any tents that my kids could pee in. They said "sure, there are plenty, but to pee in a tent, your kids need to be in first grade." I was like cool.

As I was registering to donate, the lady at the table said "did you just hear a light saber?" I thought, Dang, this lady is like 90, she is really hip.

She then added "when the husband and I were at our last Comic-Con we waited in line for like 4 hours to get Stan Lee's autogragh and we got stuck in line by these people all suited up in Star Wars gear left over from another convention."

How rocker is that? I am totally going to start volunteering at the Red Cross, those people are cool.

Anyway, she was right about the light sabers. 4 hours in line by super geeks trains a person's brain to fear the saber. These guys are real Rebels. Serious. Midwest Base of the Rebel Legion. Oh, I wish I made some of this crap up.
Here I am being attacked while waiting to give blood. Has that ever happened to you? I asked where he got his boots, but his Imperial Guard said they were standard issue and I had to stand down. Uh, hello, I have no evil Imperial Guard Outlet Store near me, I was wondering if he could hook me up. He'll out grow those boots, my feet will stay the same size.

So, fellow knitters, fellow blood donors, let's get a group together and donate blood together. I can't promise Boy Scouts or the the Midwest Base of the Rebel Legion, but really does anything normal ever happen when I am around?

Sarah's not even going to wait for her school blood drives, she wants to go with me when I am eligible again(after October 20th)...There's enough crazy to go around, let's get a group together.

Eh, let's see, October, blood, knitting during the wait time, Halloween, dress up, Vampires, all very fun things. Oh, and the good deed part. Best snacks.

Should there be a Kalamazoo County Knitters Blood Donation Challenge in October? I'll see if we can set something up.....Details to follow.


Carina said...

I would, but they won't take mine. Something about going out of the country too many times in too short a period and then living in Russia for three months in college. *sigh* And I don't have a kidney to give, so there goes that idea. I should call up the Red Cross again and see if they'd take me this time. Maybe it's been long enough.

Holly Bee said...

I would suggest checking out the donor information on-line. The information there is up to date and very informative.

Yes, the out of country rules are very different than they were than just 5 years ago.

New donors are waay down due to the old stand by of Fear, plus increased travel, tattoos, and piercings.

Plus, the older population takes medications that weren't available in the past and makes them ineligible as donors.

I was hanging with the free cookie guy, and bonus info with my Lab Tech status.

Anonymous said...

I'm one donation away from my 1 gallon award! I donate here in fabulous Dorr, Michigan. :)



Holly Bee said...

Oh Jilly!!! I am so proud of you!!! I want to be a gallon giver too!

Bec said...

Holly, Thanks for the reminder about giving blood. I am one donation short of 3 gallons. I have allowed my life to get in the way of donating. This is an amazing thing since they call me weekly. Phone pressure has an adverse effect on me.

Carina- my husband is O neg and a cancer survivor. Once when I was giving we got to talking about O neg and they said he can give now.

I will go to their site and find a donation site.