Monday, August 13, 2007


Turns out there are better ways to fix a tent than with a band aid and duck tape. But really, are they as much, and do they get you as many points for style? Maybe the Pigs and I shouldn't be going for style when camping, and we should work more on staying clean on dry. Ha! Clean and dry! Has anyone smelled me lately? The Ogre did, and he made me go to the Laundry mat with our belongings before I was allowed into the house.

Here's most of the crew doing what the crew does best, eating. Besides eating, we were pretty good at playing in the dirt, finding toads, swimming, peeing on trees and hiking. That was just the stuff I was good at. Other crew members also enjoyed leading us through the woods while carrying kayaks. That was sooo funny. A guy, carrying a kayak in the woods followed by 4 kids ages 7-2, 2 women and an infant. We may have been the strangest campers to run across. Fully outnumbered by kids and almost always eating, and very stinky.

Did I mention that it rained? I was actually very, very proud of my little pigs. It was a complete down pour. I was told it was not going to rain, and against my better, eh heh, judgement I left the rain fly off because it was sooo flipping hot when we went to bed. Do you remember that I fixed a tent pole with duct tape? It didn't hold up to the rain so well, that's causing the slight bow on the left.

So here's what happened. Pigs fell asleep almost instantly, which lead me to forget the little Pigs night-night underwear. As the night wore on I saw lightening, my brain said "rain fly" my laziness said "heat lightening."

When I woke to rain pouring down on me and the lovely smell of tent full of pee, and Sarah's very nice husband saying "Holly, do you need help with your rain fly?" I was like "No, thanks though John. We're moving to the car, the kids decided to pee in the tent."

Which sent him back to his tent in a fit of man size giggles.

This was our tent for the rest of the night. I did go back in the rain and put the fly thinggee on. This was when I fell in deeper love with the Mazda5. The tailgate kept me dry and free from lightning strikes, and I also discovered a little light with switch back there...see by the cooler. I could turn it on and put my tent poles together without waking the kids. Nice.

I also set the kids sleeping bags up on the picnic table to get rinsed out by the rain. I figured it would get some of the stench out.
The boys then slept in the car in their car seats with beach towels for blankets. I changed the little pigs into their night night undies before they had stepped foot into my car. So, yes, there was a bit of late night forest streaking.
John was afraid we would get in the car and leave. No way! We love adventure! Besides, I had no idea where my glasses were, and I had no idea where we were! Turns out the glasses were under the tent along with Owee's missing shoe.
When we got home, the Ogre made Pig 1 and I got straight to the Laundry Mat. After that we headed over to the carwash to tidy up the poor Mazda5. That car is a real trooper, and well, we had been in it and it stunk too.
Plus, after camping, we measured Pig 3, and he is now tall enough for his big boy seat...

Here he is testing out the fit.
Also, proof that the Ogre fits in the Mazda 5. Actually this could be any car, but it's the Mazda.


Mrs. H said...

Sounds like you had a great time! I miss doing stuff like that. :)

Holly Bee said...

We had sooo much fun!!!! I can't wait to go again!!!

diane h said...

This reminds me that our Ridgeway 2-man has the same condition. And here we are, planning to go camping next week and still haven't solved that problem. Bandaids and duct tape?

Holly Bee said...

Uh, yeah, they did work in a pinch.

The guys at Lee's Sports didn't laugh at me, but did show me the "fancy" band aids, and then the tent pole replacement kit. Both of which I bought and haven't used yet.

Quick fix, skip band aid, just use the duct tape.