Thursday, August 30, 2007

The Boycott's Over! But Which One?

I came across the enemy, and since she didn't threaten to beat me up, and didn't actually know who the hell I was, she asked why we weren't friends.

Right, right. Probably wondering which enemy and which boycott. Well, it sure wasn't that chick from MDOT. Watch, we'll be friends next. Ugh, that whole "I'm going to be nice" New Year's Resolution is really cramping my style.

No, I ran across someone from Stitching Memories, and she was all "No, Way! I am totally not mean! You should come in on Thursday nights when I am in there."

I said I would after the Ogre was done with outdoor soccer season, and that she would know me by the trail of dead zombies in my wake and my freshly sharpened shovel. You know, because soccer ends in like November, the peak of Open Zombie hunting season? Never get caught with a dull shovel. Actually I told her I would be wearing my orange Team B Tigers Shirt.

(Crap, I should switch over to Team B football shirts by then, arrgggh, college team or NFL, matching or let the Pigs have their choice. I say NFL...NFL/sewing satellite gets installed today! No more potato sacks for me! Also, did that 'crap' push me into an R rating?)

This is all weird and disjointed because I have to do extreme home cleaning to make a trail for the satelite install person to get to our teley and I really shouldn't be on the puter...but if I don't give this info, I will forget, and find this info, under the paint, on top of the kite, by the art cart, and then have to wear it on my planner necklace...

Also, for those asking about the sweetness of my aprons, I gave faulty info. I checked out all the apron patterns at the local fabric stores and they are crap. The aprons that I have are the real deal. Super comfy, worn for generations by real apron wearers, users and good cooks! It's the Ogre's Grandma's Mom's pattern, and somewhere may be a copy around but for now....

you can get your own Apron at the Home Grange Bazaar December 7th. They are reasonably priced, and if you aren't able to make it, I can buy up a bunch and meet up with any local Kalamazoo people in December if you are interested in one. Then you can have one and make a pattern from it, and your money will be going to help a good cause. It's like I'm pimping my ride, except I'm pimping my community service organization, except it's like a Fraternal Order, except I'm a girl, except this order is all about the ladies, but not in a creepy way! Ok.


Beth said...

Don't let them suck you in. It's all part of the evil plan to get you to spend more money.

Holly Bee said...

Oh, I didn't say I was spending money! I said I was just going in!!!

Also my imaginary squad of followers are now allowed to go in. You know, the ladies with the potato sack dresses, knee socks, sandals, a love of baseball, the color orange and aprons, they can all shop there now too, so it's not just my money that's being tricked, it's a whole legion of crazy they are going to have to deal with.

Carina said...

You didn't tell me about Stitching Memories! Hmm. Let me know if it's worth ending the boycott.

Holly Bee said...

Errr, I'm taking up sewing, it may just be the crazy talking...we shall see, but not until Zombie Hunting Season. Did you know it's like $38 dollars to get a liscense this year?

Bec said...

Boy I have been meaning to tell you; I went into Stitching Memories. I felt guilty. And then they were so nice to me. Even when I did not buy because I went in there without a plan. On the flip side, I went to Handweavers. They were not so nice. Really. My daddy was having a stint put in and I thought "Hey. I'll ditch Mom and check out that yarn store." I figured I could pick up a little sock yarn and some new needles to keep me occupied. No double points in a small enough size and frankly, one person who may or may not have been on payroll, sat behind the counter holding a grouchy dog and the other lady was busy with paperwork. I'll try them one more time in case it was just an off day. The other problem could have been that I was under stress and I was the one having an attitude. It could happen.

Holly Bee said...

Now I feel all crap about the boycott and saying Handweavers was so awesome!

Everyone should just be cool to each other all the time! UGGGH. How can you sit there in a yarn shop with a snappy ass dog and be nasty all day? Why do they have a barky dog anyway?

That's it! Everyone will be nice, or I will force them to! Force them to what you ask? Eat carrot cake!

Yes, if I go into a yarn shop and people are less than friendly, I will make them eat cake. Very French, no? Oui!