Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Weekend of Fun

Happy Birthday to Anna and Stephen!! Their parents did right by them and had a total memory making birthday party at Jungle Joes. (Official website and then my info taken from their flyer although I no longer come up first on a google search, more like 5th)

If you still haven't been-GO! It's totally fun, for you and your kids. Check out those slides. That shark eating that lady (who I met and can't remember her name and she'll be all 'why did Holly put a photo of my butt on her blog and then say look how BIG that shark slide is') ok so the shark is a slide, and it's totally rocker! When Cart and Beth visit from out of town I want to get them to "help me" take the boys here.

Great Birthday Party! The kids all seemed to have a wonderful time and I know that my 3 little pigs were very worn out well before the end of the actual party. A party at which I answered a children's Harry Potter trivia question correctly and yet still managed to prove that I am an ass. "Sorcerer's Stone in the U.S, but Philosopher's Stone in Britain."

Hey! Matt, Kristin and Jessica! Want to do a family outing here when Mel gets back? Marty had a great time when he went!!
Here's Sunday at a Family Reunion. I made Pig 1 stand in the corner for hitting. Normally not a problem. The pigs seem to often have their hoofs flying all over. But this time he hit me. Considering my pigs will grow up to be cowboys, uh, I mean Ogres, I figured this needed to stop, before it ever really started. So I sent him to the corner.

Yes, the room was full of relatives, but that wasn't the problem. Have you ever been to a Grange Hall? No, horses weren't there first, but there were spiders. See how far from the actual corner he is. Poor kid. I am evil, yes I blah,blah am...that's sort of from Metallica but I have kids now, so I am trying to cut back and well, PK will say not on the swearing and well, ruin the whole thing. So, it's ruined.

Later, we had a lovely time and pigs love potluck, and dessert and then they were bored. So we went out and flew a kite. I forgot how much I enjoy kite flying. It was great. I then asked the Ogre how much of an ass I looked like. Why. Because I was kite flying with the pigs in the Grange parking lot/field wearing my best sun dress. He said I was a bit formal for the occasion.
I later picked up dog poo in the same dress. I should wear that more often, fancy, but user friendly.

Knitting!!! I used to be under the impression that I would be in Ravenclaw. But if I were to be sorted today or anytime recently, my hienie would go straight to Hufflepuff. Not that anything is wrong with Hufflepuff, just that, I am not on form lately.

So, sadly I have this yarn for Ravenclaw socks. But I may just as well "borrow" Pig 2's Hufflepuff Bumblebee yarn and make some giant knee socks out of that. But do I have time? Gosh, not really no. But I do have 4 more days of soccer class to sit through....gotta go gather supplies, later friends.


Jen said...

Cheers to you for making a difference! I foster dogs for the Kalamazoo Animal Rescue and donate to the UW but I'd like to do more.

So...I'm a knitter as well but mainly restrict myself to socks. My sister is preggers...have any good patterns for baby booties?

Matt Church said...

Sounds like a DELIGHTFUL idea! Super FUN!

Also--Kristin and I have the FIBER FEST on the calendar. Are you going this year?

Carina said...

That mom is Suzanne, a super-nice mom who's writing a suspense novel and trying to get it published. I think she will.

What a blast that was! Thanks for saving the day and getting your camera out. I should be a ton better about that. The kids had a ball, your kids were awesome (all of the kids were really well-behaved, I thought), and we're totally doing it there next year, too.