Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Wake me up be for you go-go to HARRY POTTER!!!

So the Ogre is an Ogre and I am a weird brainwave reading reverse vampire. You know how vampires wake up at the crack of nightfall all suddenly awake? Well today I jolted straight up in my bed at 6:30 with a joyful chorus going off in my head singing

"IT'S HARRY POTTER DAY, IT'S HARRY POTTER DAY" It then it gleefully went into,
"you're not digging a ditch you son of a bitch, it's HARRY POTTER DAY"

I think Mrs. H's theory may hold true with my "I gotta go golfing" wake up call. She commented that Christopher Walken must have actually drove by and I read his mind. It's making me less crazy than some of the other theories I have.

So yes, my brain is picking up Harry Potter brainwaves of a bunch of kids excited to go see Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. It's either that, or Stephen King's. I know he loves the H. P. too. At least the books, not too sure how he feels about the movies. (I am often not too sure about the movies either, but I see that Dolores Umbridge is wearing a huge pink poncho, and how can that be wrong?) But what he wrote about the H. P. and the Deathly Hallows in Entertainment Weekly, brought me to tears. You go Uncle Stevie!

Which we will be ditching school and work to see this afternoon. Ok, the Ogre is the only one officially ditching anything, but we would totally be ditching if we had anything to ditch.

Pig 1 will be attending the film with us. Pigs 2-3 will be with Nana PK and Sleepy Papa. They were deemed too little to view such a grownup film, although we are listening to this book on cd in the car right now, so whatever. We really just don't want them eating all our darn popcorn, and talking through the whole thing.

As for my stupid Ravenclaw socks, arrrrrrggggghhh. No, I didn't suddenly turn zombie, although you should hear the boys' zombie impersonation, ah good times. No, the socks, I have ripped them out twice. Those are tears of time crunch you hear, not rain or fire hoses putting out wild fires friends. Tears!

Actually, it's difficult to knit on a bench in the shade at a soccer field and not get hypnotized by the sprinkler another field. Sadly, one of my all time favorite things to do in summer, not the beach, not camping, or hiking, it really is watching the sprinkler. Well, and chasing the ice cream man.


Carina said...

I'm trying to figure out how to go see it. I might go tomorrow night after David and the kids leave. *giggle* How evil is that?

Melissa said...

The socks will be worth it!

Our ice cream man practically parks in front of our house. He knows us very well, and probably thinks our kids are spoiled brats because I get them something everytime he comes around. The neighbor girl, and us all run like maniacs waving handfuls of money, then fill our freezer with half-eaten snowcones. haha.