Wednesday, July 25, 2007

To be knitting again, oh sweet knitting again

So, to set the record straight, I only hate birds that are actually actively attacking me. As for rodents, the ones that are destroying my stuff, or being stinky and I don't want them to be stinky near my stuff, are gross to me. Other peoples rodents do not bother me. Other peoples rodents are cute, usually not stinky, and well usually not stressing me out about carrying a virus, or the plague. Yes, it's a whole Microbiology thing, and too much information thing.

Now Pet Store birds and rodents are another story. They are often stinky, and look cute, but have been known to attack. Yes, I have been assaulted at Pet Stores, so maybe the I only hate birds who are actually actively attacking me doesn't hold true while in an enclosed space. Or should be rephrased to say unless in a Pet Store because those birds are probably not happy or are being trained by Corporate Evil.

Anyway, knitting. Ravenclaw sock is on hold. What with the whole reading, then I realize that Beth will be here in like blah days, and her birthday is like, oh tomorrow and I am still doing the gauge swatch to her hemp tank. Although the pattern is for "Advanced beginners" no amount of advanced skill can overcome the fact that I have 15 size 6 needles and multiple size 4's but even with my Knitpicks Options needle kit, I manage to have no size 5's which is exactly what I neeeeeeeeed. So, I am going to, uh, hope it all works out.

Ok I do have 2 pair of size 5's but they are like for knitting hats. I am knitting a tank top. Yes, yes, use both pair, blah. I want to enjoy knitting, not make myself more insane. I mopped my garage floor for this week people! I need to relax, not more crazy!

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Carina said...

Size 5 what? Metal, slick, bamboo, plastic? I think I have all of those. You could borrow what you need, and I'll be K'Zoo today.