Sunday, July 15, 2007

superquick, not superchunk, update

Ok, it has been such an eventful week that my sad, sorry Ravenclaw sock not only has been giving me fits. Yes, read just one sock hardly turtle crawling, not at all 2 soaring on two circular needles.

My Father In Law has been in the hospital since last Saturday, in upstate NY, having a bit of a problem with his 5 years of build up of uncontrolled high blood pressure, and then needing a couple of heart stents, and then his body acting all wonky because it wasn't used to being at a normal human level of medical care. He's still in the hospital. So, if you don't like going to the Dr because you are afraid they will find something wrong with you, please suck it up and go. It's much easier to deal with little things one at a time rather than 5 years worth of things all at once. Ok, so lot's of love to Marshall.

We spent all week at the high school for soccer, so the house got kind of infested with our dog's constant shedding. We call it butt fur. No matter where it comes from, it's butt fur. Like 'Oh, man, Berger's butt fur is in my soup.' It's gross, he's a really big dog, and his butt fur was taking over our house.

Wednesday, as you all know, was Harry Potter day. So, we couldn't clean butt fur that day.

Friday we still had soccer, went to the Air Zoo, which was really fun. If you go, make sure everyone in your party shows your LIBRARY CARD. I swear, I am not making this up, you get half off the ticket price. Which you need to do, because it's like $20 to get in. It's pricey, but cool, but not worth $20.

Saturday, I took the 2 little pigs and went to plant flowers at the in laws house. They have a spot in the front lawn that needed, perking up. Well, and with the whole hospital thing, and I think giving cut flowers is kind of a lot of flowers that are going to all die at once, so that's what I did. This also left the Ogre with less pigs under foot to clean up all that butt fur.

While coming back from the greenhouse, I went over a sharp, bumpy, deadly railroad track, and completely rendered my front passenger tire useless. Since I have extreme driving skills, and have had the bad luck to have this sort of thing happen before, I knew it had some air I drove as close as I could to Jungle Joe's.

Then I parked so a tow truck would have access to my vehicle. I had no tears by the way. The pigs and I ate lunch, hung out, no big deal, until...

We went over to Jungle Joe's, and they were closed for a private party. They wouldn't even let us in for a flat tire. Let them burn in eternal damnation, or never be reincarnated. Their choice.

Oh, and you should see my Barbie Tire, I have like a bright yellow, you will be too embaressed to drive on this baby long hub cap going on.

Also, Belle Tire in Portage does not stock tires for my Mazda 5. The Pigs and I are going on more adventure to the dealership.

We will now be known as Team Bee. Holly Bee, Harry Bear, Owee O., and El Tigre. Watch Out, We Sting.


Matt Church said...

A library card is a POWERFUL tool! And it saves you money!

Good thoughts to Marshall...

Mrs. H said...

Hugs to you and my prayers for your father-in-law. Hope things settle down for you soon.

Holly Bee said...

Hey thanks to all!

Things are cool here. If it weren't exciting, it would be boring, and if it were boring, I'd be getting myself into trouble, so it all works out.

Thanks for thinking of us.

Yes, we love the library and all of it's many benefits...