Thursday, July 26, 2007

Size 5's, No Knitting, and Poison Cake

I took Pigs 2 & 3 to the Milham Park with my friends Sarah and Erika and their kids yesterday. Sarah and Erika have little kids. Like baby kids. Like I got spit up on baby kids. Sarah handed me her baby and I was like

"Sarah, give me your barf rag, your baby is going to barf on me." She was all busy and like ignoring me and happy because her hands were free for two seconds and I was like "Sarah, I had 3 kids, and I am blissfully past this barfing stage, through with potty training and am now just left with snot, and your baby is going to barf on...hey Sarah, could you really get me that barf rag I do need it now."

It was cool. I realized that I am impervious to baby barf! It bounces right off of me and right onto people who don't have kids! It's a Mom Super Power!

But we all had fun and the Pigs got impossibly dirty, even for Pigs because they are doing road work on Kilgore. Pig 1 was working with NASA on the International Space Station yesterday so he missed out on that action.

Also, the Ogre approves of my hanging out with Sarah and Erika. Sarah's husband may not be an Ogre, but he's not a Vampire, and he's got a really big TV in a small living room, the Ogre respects that.

Knitting needles, that's the sizes 5's. Carina was kind enough to stop some by for me. Which would lead you to believe that I am done with Beth's Birthday Present right? HAPPY BIRTHDAY BETH!!!! No, I am not done with her present. But I did eat some peaches that Carina brought over along with the needles which leads me to this...

If you get the chance to pick up some Michigan Peaches, no not from the stupid grocery store, from a farm stand, or a farm market, or a guy or lady or kid selling them on the side of the road BUY THEM, don't worry about the price, or how small they are, or that they aren't real round or perfectly shaped.

*Instant food flash back-cue the haze, dim the lights, skip this part if you want. I took a bite and I was transported from a grey cloudy Michigan front yard full of screaming kids, to a perfect sunshine day in California picnicking on a boulder in the middle of a lazy river eating a peach.

Sooooo, no knitting because I was hanging out at parks, then eating peaches with other friends and apparently having food flashbacks, and then I made dinner for Grandpa, and made him and my family Poison Cake.

For the record, it wasn't really poison, it just looked really bad. I generally don't like birds, but I do now, and there's always a story, sorry. But as I was getting ready to make the cake I was like, do cakes really need 4 eggs? That seems like a lot of eggs, eggs are really gross. So I just used my hippie egg replacer stuff. Which 4 eggs is a lot, and in the realm of egg replacer it's probably too much, so let's just say the cake was sort of flat and pancake-y.

The Ogre asked what the special ingredient was. As with all my cooking mistakes I answered love. Used to hearing this Pig 1 said "Mom, you cook with love a lot."

Anyway, the Poison Cake was a big hit. Dinner with Grandpa was great fun, and I need to hire Miss Holly just to get some knitting done. Not for the cleaning the the house so desperately needs, but for knitting. Pathetic.

Bird. Birds. Hedwig. We saw her. On the road, on the way one from Grandpa's. She was all in the middle of the road eating frogs that were hopping around after the glorious rain. She was big and beautiful and huge, and had a frog hanging out of her mouth. I will never hate birds again. Unless they attack me. Really. But here's my question. How can you like birds, and like omelettes?


Mrs. H said...

Mr. H used to have a pet chicken when he was a kid. He often brags about how he had fresh eggs for breakfast every day, layed by his pet chicken, Annie. All I can think is that he was eating Annie's unborn children. Store eggs are not unborn chicken children, though. They are food and must be eaten with bacon and toast. At least that's what I keep telling myself.

Holly Bee said...

See, I like my omlettes with veggies, and a side o' pancakes. I don't even think the word chicken or egg.

My Grandma's boyfriend used to have a chicken farm. Yep, I loved to visit. I would bring green eggs for show and tell. My greatest desire was to hatch my own chick!! I used to sleep with an egg in my water bed. Now I fear birds? I have a problem.

Carina said...

I wondered about the eggs when you mentioned that when we were over. It's good to know that you can't mess with the egg count in a baked good.

Holly Bee said...

Yes, it's good to know that I am making a the world a better place, with poison cake.