Friday, July 13, 2007

Ravenclaw socks, they're winning, not me

Yes, the sorting hat is laughing it's mouth out right now at my failing attempt to make Ravenclaw socks. I believe that what is happening is a pair of socks to be donated to that worthy charity Warm Woollies through the Charmed Knits knit a long thing are actually being knit by me. Yes, I get that it's a hat thing, but who would reject Harry Potter inspired socks when they fill the requirements for the charity anyway.

What's this all getting at? I am not a Ravenclaw. We've been down this road, I've been feeling a bit Hufflepuff. Looking California, feeling Minnesota, aaah, yeah. Can you name that tune? I have no prize for you, except for the kindred spirit of nerdship.

So again, sock knitting is going kind of stinking. It may be that the wear the pigs out theory of summer activities is actually backfiring. They are sleeping less, whining often, and stinking more. Maybe it just seems worse because I gave up the rum in a bad idea and timing attempt to loose weight and get healthy. It sucks, I have no Gods to shake my fists at. Should I go tempt gravity and sky dive?

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Mrs. H said...

Hang in there and please do not attempt skydiving. Just reading about it makes me dizzy.