Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Muggles, Socks and Wizards! It's all knitting, I swear.

Part of the problem with the Ravenclaw socks, aside from the fact that Carina thinks I may in fact be a Slytherin, is that the last couple pair of socks I have made were kid socks.

I keep looking at these socks thinking "who has freakishly large Ogre size feet?" Because there is no way I have enough yarn to make a pair of socks for the Ogre.

Speaking of socks and wizards, I believe (now I sound like I am starting one of those NPR stories, This, I believe.) Again, I believe that we spotted a wizard trying to dress as a Muggle, or it was just a guy who wore the socks but left his lederhosen at home.

Either way we were at the Kalamazoo Valley Museum, which is free family fun, or family fun for a donation, and he was wearing shorts, and knee socks, and I am going to be sporting that look when Pig 1 and I go to the HP release on Friday night. Because just as I was pointing out that I thought he may be a wizard dressed as a muggle, he was gone, like he apparated right out of there.

As we all know, even Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore would appreciate a nice pair of knee highs on a summers afternoon. Crikey! Maybe we did see Albus, I really don't think he's really dead. I think Snape's really in the Order of the Phoenix. (My spell check refuses to check this, by the way.)

Ok, here's what Snape says in Harry's first Potions lesson at Hogwart's...
blah,blah,blah..."even stopper death"

I think it was Albus, putting in a little time at the Kalamazoo Valley Museum, checking out the Mummy exhibit. I think everything's going to be ok, I think Harry Potter is going to live and marry Ginny, and Sirius is going to come back through the veil and be happy, and Luna and Neville will be teachers at Hogwarts, and Tonks and Lupin will go skipping through the moon light with some crazy werewolf reverse spell, and I am going to go throw up because I know people are going to uh, not make it through, and things don't really end all happy, and even Pollyanna was pissed off in the end, and freaking paralyzed.


Carina said...

Well, you're always saying you're evil, right? And we all know you're the smartest person on earth, so doesn't it just make sense to put you in Slytherin? ;-)

I wish the book would end happy, too. *sigh* It would be so much better that way.

Holly Bee said...

No, no, no, just the smartest person in America. No, not on Earth. Plus, those darn 5th graders are sm-art!

Oh, tummy hurts just thinking about HP.

amy lynn said...

I plan to rock the wizard trying to dress muggle thing tomorrow night, too. I am just deciding exactly how over the top to do it. What are you doing exactly Holly Bee?