Monday, July 16, 2007

Last week was Soccer Camp and Air Zoo

This is where Pig 3 and I hid from the sun, and other kids/parents/humans/trouble. We still got into a bit of, uh, trouble. It was me, not him that found trouble. I found trouble with my mouth. I will not speak of it, it causes me great pain. Anyway...
After an hour and a half of running around and being on his stinky sweaty body, Pig 2 decides to wear his shin guards on his head. Very sanitary.
As a reward for good behavior we went to the Air Zoo. Because I am only mildly insane, I brought along Miss Holly. No, not speaking of myself, she's my assistant, also known as a pig handler, or babysitter. Very helpful in wide open spaces. This is Pig 1 training to be an astronaut, or kicking Pig 2 in the head, actually, both. It was well worth going to the Space Center building. We walked in an attempt to wear out the boys. It's a bit of a haul, but worth the extra time spent in wearing them out.

Again, BRING YOUR LIBRARY CARD!!! Whip out your library card, don't wait for them to ask for it! I know it's Vicksburg, and Portage for sure. The list was long, but I was wrangling Pigs, and I stopped paying attention after that.
PIGS IN SPACE!!!!! Oh, sometimes it's too easy.
Miss Holly and the Pigs eating Astronaut ice cream. Astronaut, not argonaut, that's a fleece of a different color.

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